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Poliquin is pissin me off


There are many great resources out there for guys like me who love to train. Over the years I have relied mainly on T-mag, elitefts, and Charles Poliquin. Forums and Q&A sections are a wonderful way to share ideas on training and "pick the brains" of knowledgable trainers without spending $100 and hour. Ive never wanted to come accross as someone seeking a free handout, so Ive bought biotest products as well as three of Poliquins books. I logged onto his site today and was infuriated to see he is now charging $200 a year for access to his Q/A section (where he will be kind enough to answer 1 fu*@%ng question a week). ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This guy doesnt have it good enough already? He cant spend 20 lousy minutes to respond to 3 questions each week? What a jerk. Hey Charles...didn't it make you feel good to give back to your followers. You have got to be the cheapest SOB in the business. I wish you nothing but absolute failure in the future. Hopefully people will begin to see you for the cheapass that you are, and put their faith in real men like the contributors to T-mag and elitefts.
Having said that, I want to thank T-mag for continuing a free medium of exchange. When I have the money....Ill continue to buy your products. When I dont...Ill remain a loyal reader and send more people your way.


You should probably check some of the authors on this very site for doing the exact same thing before you go after Poliquin. Hes been giving it away free for years.


Funny thing, I emailed Charles and wrote, "Charles, do you think this new policy is a good idea?"

He wrote back, "Yes" and charged me $200.


He has the right to make as much money as possible. Good Entrepreneur. Now if people don't choose to pay it he will have to adjust his pricing. Supply and demand my friend. $200 bucks, bwaahhhahahahhaha!!!


" "Yes" and charged me $200"


i honestly dont see the need to frequent his site. he has many articles here, as well as books that can be had for a much cheaper price.


Pull your head out of your ass. He can charge what he wants. If you do not think it is worth it, then don't pay. Who the fuck are you to talk about him like that?


Thr3devil- Listen to Bourbon Boy.


This does bother me too. He can do whatever he likes, and I support smart business, but this seems absolutely silly. Just do yourself a favor, buy Supertraining and sign up for the ezine....Mel Siff may be gone, but his legacy still lives through his texts and website. If you're not willing to devote the time and education it may take to understand Supertraining, go pick up a copy of Thibaudeau's new e-book....hell, buy both anyway, and destroy the gurus. With Berardi's diet advice and Biotest supplements, you're all set mate.


Yes,$200 is a bit steep, but in all fairness you get more than just access to the Q&A section.


The truth is there ANE NOT many great resources. Charles info is unique because he's willing to try anything and everything.

I've been with him since the begining and the fact that he is charging me SUCKS. I have spent money on his products as well as money on carrying out his reccomendations.

His site has been lacking for years with updates. I have trouble believing that the pay site would be any diffirent. Charles dosn't have a lot of time on his hands, so I don't see him doing more for the site then he already is.

Not everyone can be as kind and giving as Louie Simmons. There is only 1 Louie and along with giving free advice he really cares about people. He has been an elite athlete for 30 years. His gym is not the strongest in the world it's the strongest gym the world has ever seen. For great free info got to westside-barbell and elitefts.

If you understand Louie's methods then everything else will make since.



How dare a highly trained professional who has spent years gaining education and experience try to charge you for his services! (I am shaking my head kid).

The only way that great fitness sites like this one stays afloat is to sell something. Could be a newsletter, or a monthly or yearly fee, or supplements. I purchase Biotest products, not just because they are of high quality, but becuase it supports this site!

Someday when you get out into the real world I think you will realize how immature your rant was. Whether you pay Poliquins fee, which by the way is very reasonable, or not is up to you. However, to wish he and his business venture ill is simply childish and you need to apologize!


yeah, free shit is good n we love it, but fact is reasonable stuff is pid for - free is good cuz its not normal.
be greatful the resource was free for as long at it was!
dont be a brat, spoilt by all the cool free stuff - youll end up like me, or worse, every other mother trucker in the west, hm?


$200 dollars a year to access one of the best strength coaches around is a bargain. While some of us support the coaches by purchasing their products, most people don't. Just this week there was a post from someone who stated that they were happy with the results they got from some of the free advice they received from Joe D, and were wondering what other t-mag programs they should try. Hey you got results from free advice pay the guy to customize a program for you! As long as the coaches feel that their free advice is generating income by getting them free publicity they will continue dispencing it, but if it starts becoming more trouble then it is worth then they will stop.


great post jackass...bm


Very interesting!
I was faced with the same wake up call last night when I wanted to go and read the weekly guru section.

In his defense, I would like to say a few things. Over the years Charles has offered his public some of the best information pertaining to weight training ever written. If it wasnt for him I would not have become a strength coach myself.

I have had the unique opportunity to work with him in the past and was always astonished at the level of passion that this person had for his profession. His knowledge not only touches strength and conditioning but also the various aspects that encompass general health and well being.

What most people fail to realize is that he is continually educating himself in various domains related to health on an ongoing basis. In fact I heard that he attends 2 seminars per month to stay up to date on research and different ways to improve his buisness.

149.50$ is not that bad if you really think about it. What are you getting...An audio interview each month, a developed question answered each month, articles, and well whatever else he put up there.

By no stretch of my immagination am I saying that he is god and his information is necessary to all, but I do respect the guy and he has always delivered in the past!

So much hating goes on here! This is my first time posting and probably my last. I have read this forum for awhile, but never saw a reason to post up until now!


Let me know the next time you go to work for free.


There is a lot of Poliquin info on this site for free. No need to pay $200 for his latest as it is not much different from his earliest.

He can charge whatever he wants. No one has to pay it. Few will.


It would be completely different if Mr. Poliquin didn't originally offer his advice for free. For him to have a sudden change of heart and to charge his loyal readers $200 a year is quite ridiculous. We do live in a capitalistic society in which no one works for free, however, he originally offered his advice for free. He is making his money from book sales and other entrepreneurial ideas. However, this seems to be a little unrealistic to burden his loyal readers with this $200 surcharge.


read the education of a powerlifter and the article "why?" over at elitefts.


He's well known and respected in the industry and has a lot of knowledge and deserves some compensation for providing it. Its probably 1/2 thinking he deserves compensation and 1/2 of spam control; the money provides a "safety valve" for questions. A lot of these guys find themselves answering the same questions over and over; this probably weeds out the type and quality of questions and provides a professional business environment for a transaction that will benefit both parties.