Poliquin HCL Results?

I am thinking about adding HCL due to the fact I am in my bulking cycle and eating everything in sight.

Anyone used it before? What can I expect from it? Faster digestion? It supposed to help absorption correct?

There are far too many good things I can say about the use of this product to aid in digestion of protein. Since I started using this, I have gained more lean muscle and strength than ever before. Mind you, I did make other changes to training time etc…but this certainly aided with the high pro intake/absorbtion.


Interesting do you notice that the food you eat is digested faster? As in you are hungrier faster?

Hard to say. because upon starting this protocol, I increase my protein from 1.6g/lb to 2g/lb…so pretty full most of the time, but 3 hrs later Im ready to eat…not starved, but ready.


I’ve been thinking about doing this as well…I will be following this thread.

there is just something about adding HCL to whats already in there that bugs me. lol!


Well technically you are just adding protons to whats already in there. Making the acid more acidic, therefore I ASSUME speeding up digestion. It has been cl amid that it also increases absorption “rate”. How this mechanism works I am not sure…

But ya I also think what would happen if it becomes too acidic? Pust a hole in your stomach?

But I am going to order this product this weekend.

i always thought it was because the enzymes that break down proteins function better in very acidic environments. With many people deficient, experiencing incomplete and slower digestion . There is also the option of supplementing with more enzymes which in this situation might even be ideal.

There are other benefits too that might be worth considering… There was discussion on another forum. I can’t remember which. About the effect of HCl on which bacteria can pass into the gut. The acidity killing off other bacteria. Betaine also lowers homocysteine levels which is cool from a health perspective.

oops state the obvious.

yes i swear by it… BUT it depends on how much protein your intaking… im intaking around 380 grams of protein a day ssooo i need the help.

After all its NOT what you eat its what you DIGEST thats inportant.

300, spot on man!..I only learned more about the benefits of it all, once I had my biosig done. Whats the point of taking all sorts of sht, if you aint absorbing any of it…hehe. Im with you on the high pro intake. Im VERY carb intolerant, so my pro intake sits at 410g a day!


Now your talking about poliquin acid test im guessing or is that something else. Could you not just go to the store buy hcl off the shelf and take like 2 tabs a day? I could be way off but im asking

HCl is a awesome supplement for basically anyone. If you get indigestion, gas heartburn. Take it, it will make these things go away.

Zinc doesn’t make my stomach upset and I no longer toss my cooking shotting strong drinks.