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Poliquin / Glutamine


Does anybody have Poliquins book "Manly Fat Loss" Is it worth the bucks? I have been doing German Body Comp for a while now and have made pretty good progress, but I was wondering what Poliquin suggests for a complimentary diet to the program.
Also on Poliquin's site he suggests taking 50g of glutamine with your post work out shake, isn't that a little excessive? I have tried taking glutamine in the past, and on 3.6g/day I was getting bloody noses at leas once a day and having to urinate 10 to 15 times a day, yes 10 to 15 I didn't make a typo. When I stopped taking it the side effects went away within 24 hours, strange huh. I take whey protein though, and it has about 4g/scoop and I take at least 2-4 scoops/day and never have any problems with that, even stranger huh. I read an old Nelson Montana article, the truth about pills and powders, I think and it said that glutamine is hard on the kidneys and liver, if I remember correctly. Probably poor quality control in the glutamine that I did try or something like that, the woman at GNC tried to tell me that I must be allergic to it, but somehow I feel that she is full of crap. Anybody else have any problems with glutamine like that, or just me?


A 4 gram scoop ? You need to double check that. It should be somewhere about 20-25 grams.


Manly Weight Loss is a horrible book, it's basically a huge advertisment for SportsPharma supplements. Do not buy it, you won't learn anything other than to consume all your calories from SportsPharma products. It's an extremely disappointing read.


JOHN- The protein powder scoop is about 28g and it has a little over 4g of glutamine per scoop. I couln't tell if you meant that there should be about 20-25g of glutamine/scoop or if the entire scoop of whey protein shold be about 20-25g.
NK-thanks for the tip, being a poor man I cannot afford to just throw away money on worthless crap, I got the Poliquin Principals and gave it a quick read and found out that damn near everything in it was posted on testosterone, so I took it back. I cannot believe that it costs over $40, from looking at the book just by its size alone I wouldn't have thought it would cost more than $10. So thanks bud.


I really don't advise purchasing Manly Weight Loss...you can find out just about everything you need to know about GBC on the forum and in the archives. Poliquin is his normal satiracle self in the book, but as someone said a while back, this one is more for those couch potatoes that don't know what a macronutrient is. The diets are an insult to anyone familiar with bodybuilding. SportPharma is plastered all over the place. Nothing really exciting in the book. Being the Poliquin-neophyte I am, I purchased it. As far as glutamine, I have found the best success with Dr. Eric Serrano's recommendation of .17g/kg before and after training and 5g on recovery days. I for one think glutamine is an awesome supplement, and I know that I recover and train better while using it.


I think he meant 4 grams of glutamine per scoop. Not 4 grams of protein.


That book is a friggin joke