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Poliquin exercises?

I bought the Poliquin Principles book a few years back and did a few of the workouts, but I was never able to figure out some of his exercises he recommended. So if anyone knows what a “low cable pull-in”, “combo crunch low cable pull-in”, and “lean-away lateral raise” are I would greatly appricate it. Also, I asume that a “back step-up” is like a step-up, but you are stepping off the front of the box instead of the back. Thanks.

Is the low-cable pull in kinda like a weighted cable crunch?

This is write from the horses mouth on low cable pull-ins. “Take a weightlifting belt and buckle it. Attach it to the low pulley of a cable crossover machines. Lie down on your back in front of the machine, and hook your feet in the belt. Then pull your knees towards your chest.”

So your legs are straight (not bent, while perpendicular to the ground) at the begining, and bent (with your knees basically touching your chest) at the end? Thank you for your time.