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poliquin diet

Does anyone know more about Poliquin (cutting) diet advice about eating greens as only carb source. What would protein and fat % be, and /or any other details. I read somthing about it on the forum in the past but “search” didn’t return anything I was looking for. Thanks

do a search for David Boston, there was a really long thread a few weeks back about poliquin and his training and eating regiment for David boston. Its exactly what you are looking for

im on the diet now. i had about 20 posts in the “charles poliquin/david boston” thread a few weeks ago

There’s really no such thing as a “Poliquin diet”. He gets his stuff from DiPasquale and Serrano mostly. Close to the modified T-Dawg diet. And keep in mind his diet is for elite athletes who may be on roids. Might not be perfect for the average, natural guy.

I agree with Dave.Most of the stuff that Poliquin talks about is only applicable to to guys on buckets of juice.Back to the diet, something like DiPasquales Metabolic Diet strategy will work for anyone.You dont need to purchase the book though, most of the book is on his website.As far as training, Ian Kings articles and books can be very helpful for the natural trainer.

while borowin from serrano and dipasquale poliquin does have a diet of his own that he mentions in bits throughout his ask the guru site. provided that you dont do well with carbs, why not give his advice a try.

um, im on the diet now, ive had great results from it, and im not on “buckets of juice.” im on the exact diet david boston and many other of the pro players he train are on.

Thanks everyone. I found the thread, there’s a lot of good stuff there. I do have a carb “problem”. Just wondering how many cals total per lb of body weight are you consuming if you’re on “greens only”. Thanks again, Bruno

JC, I know that you’re probably tired of answering all these questions, but I do have a couple more for you. Were you looking for specific macronutrient ratios, or just trying to meet gram requirements? ( >70 grams carbs, at least 1.5-2 grams protein per lb of bw?) I used a variant of this diet in the past, and I responded very well to the lower carb intake, so I’m thinking of using the diet year-round. thanks again for your time.

no worries paul, im always happy to help. i really dont count the macro-nutrient content, just the grams, but more importantly the portion size. for instance, i found that i have had the best results on about 6oz of protein per serving, and just filling up my bowl with greens, whether it be salad or veggies. and i always get some sort of fat other than the fish oils in each day, which i have been getting from provolone cheese and cashews. as for the diet year round, i see no problems with it. ive been on it since the begginning of may, and dont really plan on switching up anytime soon. the only thing i have done is thrown a few extra cheat meals in on carb days (ie sunday i didnt feel like eating buffalo and oatmeal, so i had a nice little chicken burrito with all the goodies.) and it really hasnt affected me one bit. if you do want the macro breakdown, eric cressey was kind enough to find all the calculations, so just contact him.

I know Eric is probably busy watching his Patriots get spanked around, so the calculations worked out to about 40%protein, 40%fat, 20% carbs on training and off days…on carb-up days it will obviously vary depending on the individual.

We’re way ahead of you, bud:)

JC#10, Eric, Bruno… are you using this diet for fat loss or muscle gain? How did it change your body comp?

Does anyone know what kind of dosage recommendations CP makes for CLA? I read that he uses this with clients to help burn abdominal fat due to increased cortisol. I assume he uses the Tonalin form as well. I really think this is a great diet…not necessarily for everyone, but for those of us that are “carbo-intolerante,” it is a godsend. Also, what if one were to use a similar diet for mass with Mag-10…it is recommended to hit a much higher carb intake on a Mag cycle, but could it be done with good results for those of us that seem to thrive on lower carb intakes?

I’m not sure about CP, but Serrano recommends 5-6g per day. BTW, nice calls on Gridiron Challenge this week; I’ll get you for Week 2, though:)

I’m using it for muscle gain. I’ve only been on for 11 days, so I can’t make any definite reports yet. JC has had great success with it, though. The primary difference between cutting and bulking with the CP diet is frequency of carb up (every 7th and 5th day, respectively).

I’ve also been using a ‘Poliquin-esque’ diet for the past 4 or five months and found it to be one of the more effective diets I’ve followed. I am a little more on the Anabolic diet side as I don’t enough greens and tend to eat much more fat. As a result my macros are different, but I tend to follow the principles.

Chucky advocates a few different diets depending on the individual. He recommends the ‘Mauro Diet’ and the ‘Beverley Diet’ mostly (at least that’s what I’ve gathered from his writings).

I don’t have a bunch of info on the Beverley diet, but I’m sure a net search will yield some info if no one else can offer any.
I’m lucky enough to work with one of Poliquin’s associates so I’ll see if he has anything to add.

at first look it is more of a cutting diet, which it works, but i have gained a lot of muscle on it. i actually like this better bulking up, because i can gain muscle and not have to worry about putting on any fat. hey cressey: pats looked good last night. GO BRONCOS

My approach is somewhat of a hybrid between Poliquin’s recommendations and JB’s. My fat intake is relatively high, coming from 20 g. fish oils, walnuts, almonds, eggs, and flax oil. All meals except post-workout limit carbs to 10 g. or less, and virtually all carbs come from green beans, broccoli and kidney beans. I’m pondering adding CLA…I’m not overly convinced on it overall but I believe I heard CP recommends this for cortisol and abdominal fat…I don’t know if it would make a noticeable dif. or not.

Monty-I’ve always noticed that CLA has made it a little easier to lean out.

JC-They looked DAAAMMMNNNN good (and made me some cash:).

Anyone up for starting a CP diet support group thread?