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Poliquin Diet- Low Carb and Grain Exclusion

Hey Guys

Interested as to how much truth or research there is into poliquin theory of low carb and grain exclusion diet. Sure grains have only been in the human diet for the last 10000 years since agriculture and civilisation began as apposed to meat fruit and vegetables that have been eaten since when first emerged from the jungle; But when humans first emerged into o the grass plains and started eating meat, tubular starchy root vegetables similar to yams or potatoes were staple in the absence of meat, which would be dependant on hunting success.

which brings m to m point as to whether should switch to non grain carbs, meat nuts and berries, he seems to make some logical points on insulin health.

Grain carbs , due to starch contents they raise blood glucose levels and over stimulate insulin levels leading to resistance, also even whole grain listed food are pummelled so fine when they are made into bread and pasta the surface area is increased so much that it causes a huge insulin spike similar to refined wheat anyway. except this effect lasts longer than one from say a piece of fruit! graph insert- Poliquin,

Also i appreciate that alot of what poliquin comes out with is unfounded, correlate pseudo crap, but theres also interesting article ( trying to find it again atm) on how starches react to digestion and water reabsorbtion, starches are only carbs that form sticky a paste due to the high glucose content. It take 1000 times the amount of water to rehydrate, which causes blockage in the lining small intestine hence poor nutrients uptakes? Now am no scientist and am sure that in vivo other chemicals may interfere with or stop this happening.

So what am asking is if there are some professionals with in depth knowledge (preferably degree educated as apposed to people that have simply read over lots of meta analysis such as mself) that can advise on whether this is a good idea or not?

Regards Iain

What do you think about it?

Have you tried experimenting and seeing how your body responds?

Do you think one must include the foods he says to avoid in order to be health and/or reach your goals?

Hi jehovas thanks for your response, this is my first post on here. I was more getting at whether its worth me doing the diet or not as i love grain food and have a sweet tooth.Ive never had any problems digesting lots of pasta etc.

I have infact started the diet today and will stay on it for a month or so, problem is red grass fed meat is damn expensive compared to chicken, whole wheat pasta, oats, brown rice which were my staple.
Very intriugued aas to what yot think about the starchy foods blockaging the small intestinal lining causing poor nutrients uptakes


Brooks: you trolling dude? Are you the only one who hasnt over-researched the affects of grains and the health of the human body? Hows your body comp? what are your goals? Do you have the body you want? I have never had anyone stop using grains and not see gains in health, fitness and looking better naked. You can do a lot of research on grains and honestly you should, really good information out there. Check out Robbwolf.com for starts, wheat belly, good calories bad calories etc.

[quote]hipsr4runnin wrote:
Are you the only one who hasnt over-researched the affects of grains and the health of the human body? … Check out wheat belly[/quote]

Your expertise is hereby requested in this thread:

With all due respect hipsr4runnin am not really sure what the first part of tyour reply is getting at, im not trolling sorry if it seems that way, i just want some extra advise.
the whole grain debate confuses as(in the UK at least) we have it shouted in our face that whole grain starch rich carbs, potatoes whole wheat pastaa brown rice, which are what ive been comnsuming religously, are the be all and end all.
And as this advie is pedalled to us by medical professionals you would have thought it to be correct. But from the researcch done it seems very logical to exclude them from diet when looking at insulin sensitvity and human history.
Body comp is great jkust looking at a pure inner health perspective, ie heart health and overall organ function

Also no wheat diet doent explain italys very low cvd rate, even with their largee mono unsaturates consumption

My main quam is with excluding all starches like potatoes and brown rice.

Then eat potatoes and Brown rice, who’s stopping you? One of the writers here likes paleo plus potatoes and rice
go read his articles

Brooks: Yeah amigo, I actually forget about that. When I was at my BioSig cert a whole hour was shifted to the Paleo diet when a Brit asked “What is the paleo diet?” I was just shocked. Couldnt believe it. There are not many people I know anymore who do not know about the grain debate/research/evidence. Blows me away because it has been 6+ years for me doing research into this stuff. I forget people dont know or havent been privvy to this info yet so it was me making sure you werent trying to just not do homework. Honestly you should experiment with it and do some reading. Serious reading. Meni69 is very correct and I actually swing a Samurai diet over a paleo diet because that is what I have seen bring better results wise for me and my clients (situational of course). You would also be able to do a bunch of research into how the medical community blows and how study after study has been altered in the favor of who ever is funding the study. what is the research you are referring to when you say it isnt logical to exclude this stuff based on human history and insulin SI/IR?

anon: I looked at some of the posts from the other topic you posted on. Thanks for the invite but no way. I dont want to debate that online, I do with clients in less civilized fashions almost daily. I want to say a couple of things but what is the use if no one is listening. Think grains are healthy? How many clients are these experts seeing a week? What is their own personal research with humans entail? They can read and quote studies but I can find a few saying nonsense in any direction. Best thing to do is try it for yourself. Test it out and then have the brain power to say “well this is what happened for ME, not sure if the same would be for YOU.”

was refering to poliquin meta anylaysis on why it is logical to exclude grains mate. Just confused why aand entire medical community sconsidered to be one of the best in the world, would be so wrong.
The mmain crux if the arguement against grains seems to be based o lectins, which are found in meat aswell?

Ps im not close minded to that fatc that they might be wrong, jusst want to make a rational decision not based on sensationalim or pseudo science

There are nutrient-nutrient interactions in diet. There are actually quite a few that a thrown around as evidence against this or that. But in the real world, those small interactions usually don’t matter. They matter to animals, because they generally only have one source of food. In the end, humans have such a varied diet (I hope gulp) and that the effects are quite small, that it doesn’t really matter.

Some people are allergic to wheat; most aren’t. There is no half way there. You either have an immune response or you don’t.

The argument that some foods MAY be inflammatory is absolutely stupid. If there was a case were a majority of people were at risk there would be studies to show this. There would be solid evidence that these people could use in their argument, rather than a bunch of pseudo-science bullshit. Don’t try to argue that there wouldn’t. If the studies exist, present them so we can all learn.

The notion that endogenous insulin, itself, causes insulin resistance is incorrect. This has been said too many times. People have developed a pathological fear of insulin. Guess what? Insulin is good for you. Insulin has so many beneficial functions, I have to question the sanity of those who want to avoid it.

[quote]OzyNut wrote:

The notion that endogenous insulin, itself, causes insulin resistance is incorrect. This has been said too many times. People have developed a pathological fear of insulin. Guess what? Insulin is good for you. Insulin has so many beneficial functions, I have to question the sanity of those who want to avoid it.[/quote]

This is correct, just like all hormones in the body really… But, really those that I hear talk about insulin and its ill effects are usually referring to chronic elevations that are typically seen from a western diet