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Poliquin Certifications

I noticed on Poliquin’s site that he’s offering his mail order certification course again. Does anyone know:

(1) If it is any different than the one he used to offer.

(2) If there is any way this can be used as a stepping stone… obviously this is not a CSCS or CPT; would most people take this just for personal satisfaction?

I see that Christian Thibaudeau is listed as having completed the level 1 certification.

I wonder to what degree “private” certifications such as CP’s or the one from Ian King can be applied as credentials. Certainly it is great to attain the knowledge, but can the certifications themselves ever be used to open doors?

Requirements are based on what the gym you are working for wants.I have talked to fitness managers that would accept ACE but not NASM or ISSA which are far superior to the aformentioned.I have Poliquins’ old cert and I have ordered the new one.I will post any differences.Peace,z