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Poliquin Certification


Hi all,

I would just like to know...has anyone here completed a Poliquin certification? I am very interested in it and am considering doing it soon but I have a slight problem...
I am 17 years old and so in all honesty do you think I would fit in?

Even though I would be doing level 1, I have a vision in my head of Charles being quite strict which is fair enough and everyone in the audience being experienced high level coaches...and just me sitting there. I am not a professional in anyway...I just have a great appetite for learning this material and I would like to use this qualification to possibly get a weekend job at a gym. I live in the UK so does anyone have any experience trying to get a job at a commercial gym with this certification? Is it widely recognised?

Would love to hear anyones experiences/ opionions on the subject. I appreciate any replies!:slight_smile:



i am 18 and a big fan of Poliquin as well…if you think you know enough to earn the certification then freaking do it man. you would be soooo far ahead of the game having that type of certification at your age. i wish you the best in doing so. please keep us updated


I have biosignature and my conclusion is quite simple: Take for yourself not for your employer!

In order to work in a gym there are many other certifications that are more recognized and the moron that will be your boss likes because he can’t train hi son to poo in the toilet.

If you have some knowledge in the field and them take Poliquin’s stuff it is better as the assimilation of information will be easier.

Being the kid in the room is not a problem as long as you are a kid that wants to learn everybody will respect and support you.