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Poliquin Article on Training....

I would love to get a program from Poliquin on how he increased the size of a high caliber bodybuilder’s legs by training them 9 times per week. Basically over training them then rest.
Lets start a thread to request such a article from the guru.

Why don’t you try it instead? Ie just over train them for 9 days and then rest up, recover and allow the body to super compensate. Makes perfect sense and not too hard to push yourself to the max. Most people will think they’re over training though just because they’re sore and they actually haven’t come close to over training. This is the whole point, people think they push hard enough in the gym but in reality aren’t even close.

Anyway, pick squats, presses, lunges, deads, curls, glute ham raises and various calf raises. Smash em out daily! High volume and heavy weight for 9 days and back off for a week. Come back a week later and say thanks when you notice all the new stretch marks on your legs.

Poliquin has already covered this in an article titled, “The Super-Accumulation Program”

It’s also sometimes referred to as “super compensation”.

Here’s a link to the article

I think I would give this a shot if I were on vacation. But it would make a week at work miserable for sure.