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Poliquin Arm Training


Hey guys

I know Poliquin is huge on thick grip/bar training especially for arm size... anyone found anything that works? (can?t afford a thick bar and wrapping a towel round is pretty useless)

I?ve heard he recommends these

Anyone tried them? Any good?

Thanks guys


Ya he mentioned them on one of his courses.
Been using them for about 4 months now, definitely
noticed a difference in the arms...best
35 bucks I spent. (ya the towel thing blows)


I bought the ivanko ez grips way back when. I haven't had a problem with them, but I think others have. There were also the Lynx Grips mentioned in this article back in Feb.


Some guys have found them really cheap at their local sporting goods store.


Those look really interesting, similar to the Tyler Grips. I wouldn't buy them though because their website is sketchy as hell... not even a contact link.


Why don't you buy yourself some pipe insulation? Cut to size, take to gym, wrap around bar - save money!!! Available in all good hardware stores!!


Thanks guys for the replies.

Someone just recommended Fat Gripz to me (completely unsolicited) and Poliquin doesn't recommend things lightly so I'm gonna give them a go.

Will let you know if they are any good.

Cheers guys.


Here is another product suggestion:

tylergrips - I loaned them to a trainer @ my gym now he & some other guys always want to borrow them - lol - I told them to get their own;


Great for all arm work & bench - killer when used for deadlifts.

Before I bought them I did the towel thing, jar opener rubber thingy & the pipe insulation thing BUT I glued 2 layers of the pipe insulation to make real thick "fatty grips" (note: they don't last long past a few workouts unless you coat them in some hockey tape or duct tape to keep them from shredding)


Ya, I tried that at first too but pipe insulation is compressible and gets squished down to nothing. I have a pair of Tyler grips as well but same type of thing. I think that's why Poliquin approves the Fat Gripz for use in his centers (because they maintain the thick bar shape)


guys i really want something like these to use but right now i just cant pay for them ($45 is a lot of money for me, thats including shipping costs).

does anyone have any homebrew ideas for constructing my own thick grips, so that the constructed grips would be solid and non-compressible


I did some thick bar preacher curlzzz today, first time so I'll tell you what happened in some months.


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Received my Fat Gripz a few days ago.

First impression: AWESOME!

Well made, great design. Got a really solid, sturdy feel to them. Fit the bar perfectly. Trained with them yesterday and today and really enjoyed it. Forearms and biceps totally fried! Let's hope this translates into growth...

Will report back in a few weeks.



Im interested in hearing what you guys have found to be the best use of fat grips.

Would you use them on your main compound movements in something like 5x5, or just throw in some extra fat grip work after the normal stuff?

The reason I ask is because my grip is so weak that if I were to use them on my "main lifts" I would have to use really light weights and I imagine my big muscles wouldn't get enough stimulation.

For example:

I would normally do 275 on deadlifts for reps, but with the fat grips, 135 is tough for reps.


so do normal deadlifts until finished with them, then do fat grip deadlifts afterwards.


kk thx. Thats what I thought


Also, I have posted this a hundred times before, but you can make excellent fat grips at home for spin lock dumbells or even standard barbells by using PVC pipe ... cut to length, slip over the dumbell / barbell.

I have used 2" and 3" pipe and even 5" yes FIVE INCH PIPE to make a kind of log barbell.

You can make it not spin (tighten screw locks) or spinning (cut it a bit shorter) and that makes a "rolling thunder" type hold.

similarly, PVC pipe over climbing rope = thick bar for pullups.

endless applications of the stuff

of course, damned hard to use in a commercial gym


i'm 16 sophomore in high school and i can't afford to buy any equipment, dad just got fired so the only thing i'm allowed to buy is whey


got my pair on Friday...shipping was fast. They feel really cool, I'll report back after I've done a couple of workouts with them.


I bought two pair of tyler grips used them on my upper back day that included speed pulls and hammer curls.

I doubled them up for most sets except when they got really heavy or it was higer reps etc...when my grip could give out before my back. Then I used one.

My forearms have not been this sore in quiet some time. I'll be using them often and hope to get bigger forearms and upper arms eventually because of the added forearm strength. I also hope that I can do more double overhand deadlifting at a higher weight!


Well I've used the Fat Gripz three times now with the arm routine you get and my arms are completely toast! I've never had soreness like this, they are definitely a must have!