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Poliquin and Speed Strength

When Poliquin trains his athletes for speep-strength(power) does he use only olympic lifts, heavy weights, for exercises like squats, and plyometrics? Does he ever use anything like speed-squats with 50-60% of your 1RM? I think i read somewhere where Poliquin said if you attempt to move heavy weight fast, even if it doesn’t move fast, you will develop power. So he says as long as you attempt to move the weight fast thats all that matters??? Is this right?? Because alot of the programs i’ve seen of his just have heavy weight for strength and now exercises with 50-60% using compsentory acceleration. Anybody know anything about this?

I don’t really know what coach Poliquin does with his athletes, but I do know that Tudor Bompa says that it’s not the olympic lifts that generate power, but the intensity (<80%). Tha being said, I’ve found that despite how fast I tried to move the weight, using CAT really helped. I think that it may be a mental thing, the whole “greasing the groove” theory. If you’ve really struggled to lift a weight, it doesn’t matter how fast you intend to go, you may be training yourself to “go slow” so to speak. Juat a thought.

I agree with paul, CAT is what you need for speed strength. Basically CAT is moving the bar as fast as you can.