Poliquin and Kettlebells?

I don’t remember Charles Poliquin ever talking positively about the use of Kettlebells.

Now that I have seen this recent picture and the text below, I am confused since I see no Kettlebell in the picture and would like to ask you whether you know of an article in which Charles addresses the topic of kettlebell training. Thank you!

It seems there are different ways of looking at kettlebells:

  1. the be-all-and-end-all of training, only thing you’ll ever need;
  2. source of all evil, to be avoided at all costs;
  3. another tool in the tool box;

It appears Poliquin views them as number 3, neither one extreme nor the other but more somewhere in the middle, which makes most sense really

its a weired type of handle to mimick the balance of a KB, but it is adjustable in weight (one of the more interesting and possibly better designs i have seen) and has a rotating handle, making it usable for traditional weight-movements, eg curls

Damn, Poliquin has got some nice guns

They’re not the design of KB most people immediately think of, but if you think back to the original style of barbells, they were big balls of mettle either end of a bar, so if you showed somebody from that era what we call a barbell today, with large flat plates held on with a spring collar, they would be a bit confused too.

The fact they have rotating handles makes it quite different from the regular kettlebell. Charles is big on strengthening the stabilizers and these do just that.

Kettlebells suck. Old-time strong men used 'em. Today I see the trainers at the gym teaching old ladies how to swing 'em.

Poliquin is putting out his version of the kettlebell. It’s interesting to say the least.

I’ve used them for 2.5 years. They work the best for me. I’ve gotten bigger, stronger and in the best shape of my life using them. I’ve also avoided injuries that I used to get using dumbbell and barbells.

Are they the end all be all? For some yes, for some no. But if you do a heavy double kettlebells you won’t think they suck.

If I ever own or run a gym I’m looking for the barbells with the round weights on them. Lol