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I live on Vancouver Island and am thinking about applying with the RCMP. I don’t have a criminal record and I’m upstanding citizen. However, I am concerned about the Exhaustive Background Investigations. About 6 months ago, I ordered a bottle of Mag-10 that got snagged by customs. My concern is that this will come up in my background check and hinder my application. Does anyone know if customs would have a file on me and if the background check would find it? If there are any police out there, reading this, I would appreciate your opinion about my concern. Thanks…

Hey, First of all how could you swear to uphold a law that you do not beleive in or how could you enforce it agaist someone exactly like yourself? Would you arrest me for ordering mag-10 after you were an RCMP?
But to answer the question you posted, I doubt very highly that your seized shipment will damage your good name. Here in Canada governmental organizations don’t talk to each other or readily share information.
The RCMP would be looking for any info on you smoking pot or something in high school, that kind of thing. If no charges were laid then no problem.
Being from Vancouver I ask that you keep your liberal roots even after you’re a cop.

As far as I know, steroid use in Canada is not illegal, it trafficing and selling gear that will get you in trouble. Its like a hooker; as long as no one catches you making payment, you can make all the transactions you want. I guess I’m just saying that it may come up, but it probally won’t be that big a deal.

The RCMP background check is rather extensive and they will talk to a lot of people about you and your character. They will most likely find the notation that this bottle of Mag-10 was seized at the border as they (RCMP) are responsible for all arrests arizing from seized goods at the border (Customs). It should not affect your application process, just as long as you are 100% honest with them! Don’t try to bull-shit them because they will catch you in your lies.
My buddy is with the RCMP in Vancouver (SWAT Team) and he loves it! He has been there for the past 3 years and all I have heard from him are good things.
Good luck!

  Relax. The only that's going to disqualify you is lying about it. Mag-10 is not a steroid. If you're straightforward if and when they ask you , simply tell them that mag-10 is not a real steroid and you weren't aware that it was illegal. 
 I applied for Police officer several times myself, and Ive researched the subject extensively. I know many police officers, some of whom are high ranking. You know what they told me? As long as you're honest you'll be fine. Lying is a sure way to get rejected. In fact, as a little test, I know of someone who went on his polygraph exam - and when he was done the captain told him 'you look like a really good guy, and I want to see you join the department - so, if you want to retake the exam, ill let you do it.' Well guess what, if he'd as little as said yes, he wouldve been disqualified right there. why? Because itd mean he lied. Bottom line - be honest. Especially when it comes to little things such as pro-steroids. Trust me, they're more interested in wether you have violent tendencies, a medical condition that makes you have epileptic attacks without warning, if you've joined weird organizations in the past such as supremacist groups, gangs, if youve ever dealt or done hard drugs, or something smaller such as wether you've gangbanged a girl with 15 other guys, made a video and put it on the net (whats wrong with this last one? Well, if you'd go as far as gangbanging a girl AND put it on the net while shes swimming in 'cream', it shows lack of integrity and hints at what other extreme things you'do- not to mention it'd embarass the whole department and take away from the overall respect people would have for them, making their jobs just that much harder). See my point? As long as you're clean with good character and no violent history, you'll be FINE as long as you're honest.By the way, thisll be a good time to make sure that your references will REALLY stand by you. It's very important they give a good reference of your character. Whatever quarrels you might have with them, just avoid any tension with them. They're the only way the P.D. will have a clue about your character.  
 Good Luck! Keep those streets clean!

I have a Top Secret clearance with the US Department of Energy, and they also did an extensive background check on me. Do as DIESEL and lakona said and be honest. I realize it’s a different country, job, etc. but the principles are the same. They’re looking for integrity, and if you hide something they know about, they’ll wonder what else you’re hiding. And if they don’t know about it, they’ll definitely appreciate your honesty. You should have no problem, so don’t sweat it.

thanks everyone…I’ve heard some cops are on gear and stuff, so i wasn’t sure if they would treat it as such a big deal. I guess i don’t have to worry as much now…thanks…

Steroid precursors and steroids are considered the same in Canada. Even DHEA is illegal.

If you didn’t get charged, don’t worry about it.

There are RCMP in Vancouver performing SWAT? I thought Vancouver was all Vancouver Police Department except for maybe the UBC Endowment Lands, which I believe to be RCMP.