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Police Ticket Quota



Which part of "to serve and protect" does a traffic ticket quota fall under? Former police officer Justin Hanners says it best at 3:00: "It's not about what I need, it's what he needs. And he doesn't need to go to jail."

Looks like to me the elected officials use the quota system to increase revenue streams for the municipalities they work for.


It is nothing but a money grab pure and simple. When budgets are out of wack you need to raise funds. Why not use the police to raise funds?


Of course they do. They always have and always will. Some small towns very existence depends upon money generated from traffic tickets. Not saying it is right, but that is just the way it is. I will say this, I go to Auburn on a regular basis (War Damn Eagle) and it is common knowledge that on some of the major roads you will get a ticket for going 52 if the speed limit is 50. You do not run stop signs or red lights. You know not to leave a bar and drive down Magnolia if you have been drinking. Again, not saying it is right but the law is the law. I got 2 or 3 tickets in Auburn while I was in college and that was 20 years ago so its not like this is anything new.

To play devil's advocate a little, the video said at least once that the officers were ignoring serious crimes. Which ones? No examples were given. It also gave no examples of instances where Auburn officers had written made up citations or made bad arrests. The only instance of that was the officers description of an arrest he was ordered to make on a guy who sounded like he was probably guilty of Public Intox to begin with. This just sounds like sour grapes from a dude who tried to rock the boat and got his ass fired.


A state trooper trains at my home gym and he was top 3 in the state each of the last two years of tickets given out....we hear all the specifics on a weekly basis. It's like a trophy for him.


I think I would be more worried if people act like they didn't know this happened...and then you add racial profiling on top of that...and there you go.


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Well as long as your not doing anything wrong you probably have nothing to worry about.

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I'm convinced morons that say this shit are ignorant.
There is a difference between supporting the boys in blue and swinging from the long testicles of the law.


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People spend a great deal of time discussing how the 'state' does a poor job of things. For the average citizen encounters with LEOs will comprise the majority of interactions with a 'state' representative. In these situations the LEO is the 'state' and additionally is representing the LAW. There is no place where the moral high ground is more important.

When our leaders reduce the duties of these men & women to revenue generation, they are done a dis-service. When everyone knows this is the case, respect for the law, and those charged with enforcing it, corrodes. When the moral decline of the nation is brought up, issues like this are ground zero! When leadership and authority abandon the moral high ground for convenience and profit the law no longer serves it's purpose.


Next time you get pulled over for speeding, ask to see the reading. If you get that far, ask to see the calibration paperwork.

Without either of those, the case becomes his/her word vs yours. Then discuss the case with the prosecutor and point out the lack of evidence. At best, they'll drop the charges; more likely, they'll offer a plea-bargain offering a lower fine and/or 0 points on your license.

Of course if you were actually speeding, the reading on the equipment is accurate, and it was certified within the legal limit... it's a different story.

I was profiled for several years for living in the wrong part of town and driving a bright red sporty-looking older Japanese car. I was pulled over at 4-5 times a year on very shaky ground. For the most part though, even with traffic court, you're innocent until proven guilty.

And then, of course, there's those small town courts that quite literally say "it's $50 for the ticket, but for $100 we won't put it on your record".


This is a great post. Never thought of it that way, but it is spot on. I am going to use this in the future.