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police tests

Does any one know what the New Jersey police acadmies have u do in general. im going to college next year for criminal justice and the college has a police academy there. just curious to know if any one knows what actually goes on there.

im asking this because i dont know howi should design my workout program for the physical things that go on there. Should i train like a fighter maybe?

Eddie, do some research on police acadamie fitness tests, or look up the program on the college web page, I am sure they will list an outline for requirements. From what I have seen, most PA’s base thier fitness requirements on a pushup/situp/run focus. Similiar to the military, but easier.

Do a search in this forum. This has been discussed in many threads in the past 6 months.

if you are in any kind of decent shape you’ll be fine. I don’t remember the exact details but I live in Jersey and have had friends who have taken the tests. I just remember laughing at how easy the tests sounded. Plus being a cop in Jersey will give you great access for steroids. I know a ton of cops and they get great gear.

If anything, that college most likely has a website. And on this website could be a course outline for the academy.

What college in NJ are you attending? I go to the College of New Jersey (gay name, I am aware of this).

thanks for the replies everyone, Joel im gonna go to camden county college for two years and maybe transfer to a four year college in criminal justice. But im not sure exactly what i wanna do yet. I live in marlton where is the college of new jersey? i wasa thinking of mauybe rutgers since they have division 1 football. hey every one has dreams…

I don’t mean to get into a rant. i’m from NJ. that is the worst name of a school ever!!! Good school though. why didn’t they man up and go for NJ State. That would have been a real name. Trenton was 1 million times better than college of NJ

I’m from burlington county also…sometimes I train at that YMCA right there in marlton/moorestown.

The College of New Jersey is in Ewing, NJ. About 50 mins north of where you are.

They will be changing over to NJU within the next couple of years when they hit university status...hopefully before I graduate.