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Police Testing Preparation

I am taking a police officer’s test in a week. The test is at 8:30 A.M. and I was curious what some of you thought would help me perform my best both physically and intellectually (there are physical and written tests). I already us Powerdrive and was thinking of getting up about 6:30 eating a carb/protein breakfast and then downing a double serving of Powerdrive right before. Any thoughts?

When you applied they should have given you a sheet that has the minumum requirments for the physical test. I don’t know about the specific department you are applying to but all of the ones I know of just require the minimum. What this means is that if you have to do 40 situps in one minute for your sex and age, they stop you at 40. They don’t care if you can do more. That is not part of your evaluation, the written and the physical test is pass/fail. As far as the written test, they are usually cake, spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, and usually chart/ map reading. Good luck.

Brandon, what Dept are you going for? What state? I am on NYPD, and the physical requirements were running a mile and a half in under 12 min, and a trigger pull test, and a body fat test. When i got on (5 years ago), i didnt know about PowerDrive, and all this other enhancement stuff. ANd I am not a good runner at all. But, it becomes a detremination thing. If you want it, you will reach deep down and do it. Just believe you can, go in with a good attitude, psyche yourself up, and you will pull through. The supplements everyone recommends I am sure will help you, but dont forget in your will power. That is something that will really kick you up. Good luck.

NYPD, what pct? Im in the academy now and i have a dad and an uncle who are both on the job. dad is in the 6th and uncle is in psa 7? or 9. Anyway dude take it easy

With less than a week out, you’ll have to trust you are prepared and rely on your inner strength… And dig deep true T-Man style. (Well, OK the supps will help a bit)
Back in 95 my hopes of becoming a NY Trooper was shattered, simply because the cadet assigned to hold my ankles and count my sit-ups didn’t believe a few of mine were valid. Shoulders to the floor and elbows up to touch my knees. I finished just shy of the two minute requirement. So, my advice again. DIG DEEP. I went in thinking no prob, that was my mistake. I think Power drive will certainly help. If you have any Ribose-C or any other ribose/creatine sup, might help w/ pushups, sit ups and your sprints. Best of luck to you.