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Police Scanners


I forgot how fun these are!

They actually have apps "for that" now.

Houston seems to be in Armegeddon tonight!

Any other fans?


Some one just got shot in the chest and stomach! And I thought my Friday sucked!


lol. that sucks dude. go drive over there and help him/her out :stuck_out_tongue:


Fuck no, the earlier relay mentioned three armed dudes in ski masks kicking in his door!

Armed robberies out the wazoo and sadly a female home alone with a guy who came in through a window, no update yet. Not so fun any more ):


I thought this would be about those cops that can blow your head up with their mind.


Ha...thanks internet!




You inspired me to download the 5-0 scanner. Just had a guy with a mullet wearing a rabbit costume going around spraypainting stuff. Houston is real crazy this time of year


Hahaha! I missed it!

There seems to be a lot of Houstonians on this site, generally speaking.


You silly Nards.



My ex got the scanner. :-/


Some of the apps are free and have 10 codes and everything.


I have a crappy boring phone, that I was forced to buy for work.

Personally the thought that people can get a hold of me whenever they want is irritating. :-/

So I went for cheap. All I do is text anyways.

Can I use this app on my computer?


No idea but I bet you can Google free police scanner with success.


Oooh can I really? 0_0


Yes, you can and may.

:* )