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Police Radio Detector, Do They Exist?


I've got a cop radar detector to know when a speed radar is deployed.
However, if the police officer doesn't have the radar on, it doesn't really help.
I understand there are police scanners that allow you to eavesdrop on transmission, while this is cool it takes a level of control and shifting as well as listening to get information that does not indicate current position.
I am wondering if there is an instrument out there, that determiens the strength of a signal of a police radio, and estimates proximity and dirrection and relays that to you.
Such as, "Police Radio Approximately 50-100 feet NorthWest!" being transmitted in your car.

What do you think, is there a devise like this?


Where do you live? Radar detectors are illegal in a lot of them. How about this? Stop speeding?


Radar detectors are only illegal in Virginia and DC.


I don't speed, have never gotten a ticket.
I am running a delivery service, and get pulled over by some over anxious cop once every two days because it is suspicious to drive at 2 am and occassionaly shine a light out your window.

Then they pull me over, I wait for 20 minutes for them to get out of the car, or wait 30 minutes after they ask me what I'm doing and explain I work as a food delivery service, so they can be annoying dicks running plates.

I've never gotten a ticket for any of these because they pull me over for suspicion, nothing else, i don't break the law.

I lose alot of money pleasing cop's egos and delusion, so I'd just like to dodge them altogether.


Oh, you're absolutely right. Lord knows, there is NOTHING suspicious about a guy driving around local businesses, shining a light out of his window.

Damn those cops and their suspicions!!! You'd think they'd be out trying to catch criminals! Like burglars!! Who go around casing buildings...at two in the morning...shining flashlights on things...

You're an ass.

And yes, they do make devices that do what you are looking for. The ability to triangulate a moving radio signal is fairly complex and pretty expensive, however. For the most part, you likely won't see it outside of the military or a federal intelligence / law enforcement agency.

Oh, but wait...those guys are cops too! Damn, OP!!! You've been foiled again by those sneaky, delusional police officers!! Probably because doing food delivery doesn't qualify for an exemption under the Homeland Security Act.



Yes. Your eyes.

Look ahead. If you see a cop, slow the fuck down.
Why such a hurry anyway?


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He is in a hurry because he is delivering food. I would think pizza, since most other types of places close well before 2am. His tips are (loosely) based on how quickly he can get the order to the customer and his overall take-home determined by how soon he can be back to the store for more orders.

When it comes to this type of work, you are competing against the other drivers for your paycheck. That is why it is necessary to move quickly. So yes, when I did that type of work I WAS in a hurry and I certainly did speed whenever I thought I could get away with it.

Of course, a general knowledge of your delivery area would help in regards to avoiding cops. So would not shining a light out your window (pulling in the driveway with high beams works well enough for that - eventually he would condition himself to spotting numbers in shittier lighting). Getting a car top that you can plug in to your outlet pretty much guarantees you won't get pulled over unless you are dragging a lynched pope behind you (any serious food delivery business should have their employees use car tops; it boosts sales like you wouldn't believe).

Your 'tip' wasn't very good, either, but this post is too long already.


The OP is not speaking about a radar detector, so stop the "dont speed" comments.

@OP- No dude, you can not estimate the source of a signal with just one receiver. Three or at least two (one on each side) if you are trying to find the source on a straight line. The next time ask the cop why you have been pulled over and ask him about his probable cause without being a dick... Maybe they will think you know your rights and be a little careful.

You can't be just pulled over, technically. Felony charges have been dropped on such technicalities. I can't quote the case, but someone walked after something very incriminating being found in his car - because two of his three brake lights were working the center light being out was not an acceptable reason for pulling someone over, and thus anything found in that stop was inadmissible.
But then again in the real world things work differently, and the cops may go medieval on your ass for asking that question :slightly_smiling:

Sucks, but nothing much to be done..


There's an app for that.


If your radar detector doesn't pick up on their radar, it tells you there radar isn't on. then when they give you a ticket for speeding it's pretty easy to get out of it. Despite the inconvenience of fighting it, you will most likely win. I've had quite a few friends get out of tickets like that, or at the scene by asking the cop "What did your radar say I was going?". While it may backfire and get your ass rodney kinged, I've seen it work and will definitely try it with my next ticket.


Here's a tip for you op:

Get a better job.

Unless of course you own said delivery service, in that case, carry on.


I wasn't addressing the OP directly. I was making a general statement (rhetorical) to anyone who wants to speed.


The Valentine Radar Detector is the best. Other than that...maybe buy a police scanner.