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Police Officer - Hiring Questions

Hey guys, I am going to be taking the MCOLES for the Michigan State Police on April 23rd. It is just one of the initial steps to the whole hiring process which I have no doubt I will do well in. The step that will probably be toughest is the background investigation. What are the odds that my misdemeanor I received when I was 20(now 25) will screw me over? I think they’re pretty good that it will but I’m hoping for some positive answers.

I got caught taking a leak in a parking lot, which is not even a misdemeanor in most places. I would like to get it expunged but I believe 5 years has to pass first. I also have to fill out a background form. How can I find my complete employment and traffic citation histories? Perhaps the Secretary of State? Any help would be appreciated thanks guys.

Not exactly sure how Michigan does it, but I was hired in Florida and I have 3 misdemeanors dating back to 1990. Florida usually only holds felony convictions against you. Employment history I would think the Social Security office.

I had to list everything I had ever done all my neighbors for the last 15 years, letters of recommendation from a certain amount of people. Your arrest history go to the Clerk of Courts they have all your history at the Court House or should in a data base. Usually costs a couple dollars a page. And remember the background checks all depend on the speed with which everyone that you put on your list responds. Florida contacts everyone.( or at least the County I work for does)

Good luck Steven. I’m in the application process now of joining my state police. Hope it works out for you. I got told to list my traffic offences from memory (e.g Circa 2002 - Speeding, location etc) then I signed a form letting them do a background check.

As for your peeing incident. I’ve spoken to a couple of people involved in recruiting and they gave me the indication that if your application, testing and interview is pretty solid they’ll bendover backwards to help you get in. If you score low they’ll use it as an excuse. My Brother-in-law got in with a minor firearms offence.

Just do your best and think positive. You’ll be fine.

Do you guys have to pass a exam or anything in the states or it’s just a interview and back ground check?

Where I am has a Criminal Justice Basic Aptitude Test(CJBAT)and you also have to pass a TABE Test which is I think a 10th grade education level. We also have to pass a Physical Agilities Test and after that we go to work for a certain amount of time(me 6 months) and then they pay for me to go to the Law Enforcement Academy, which I have heard seems to be pretty difficult from the number of people who do not make it.

Classes include Legal 1-2,Defensive Tactics,Physical Tests, Gun Range, Ethics and Diversity, First Responder(CPR), Report Writing

I can not remember the rest right now there are like 13 classes and then you have to pass a State Certification Exam. I start the Academy in May.