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Police From Other States

I was wondering if some of the police officers from other states (not kansas) could talk to me a little bit about your departments. I am especially interested in state level police, and also very interested in departments that will hire before 21.

I will have my bachelors shortly after I turn 20. I am in the running for a cadet job with Kansas City Kansas police. If I get the cadet job, then I am almost gaurenteed a spot at the academy when I turn 21.

However, If I do that, chances are, I will stay right here in Kansas. Push and DB say I should leave kansas. I am not sure if I want, or am even able, to leave my little world of trailer parks and pickup trucks.

I know that there a huge amount of departments out there. The option are so wide that I don’t really know where to start. So, if you are a police officer in another state, and you can tell me something about what its like, what the hiring requirements are, and what its like, I would appreciate it.

I know this is asking a lot.

I have been a policeman in Florida for three years now. I am currently a Detective with the rank of Corporal.

Most agencies here will not hire until 21 due to the fact of supervision requirements of a person carrying a gun under 21. They will hire but usually will place them in dispatch until 21rst B.Day. A buddy that graduadted the academy with me was only 20 and thats what they did with him.

As for beng n Kansas, I was recently taught a course by a man who retired from the Kansas City police. He said it was a high time. A lot of messed up stuff happenes in Kansas. Good luck on your endevor and stay safe. You will not find a more rewrding career!!

I work in a large department in metro Atlanta. They won’t let you on the street until after you are 21, but you can start the academy when you are 20. The whole area is chronically understaffed, and the hiring requirements are all pretty much the same among the departments (HS diploma, no felony or domestic violence convictions, no marijuana within 1-2 years, no cocaine, etc.). Personally, I think some of the new guys coming out are kind of suspect, but they don’t pay me for my opinion.

Working in a large urban area is fun and you learn a lot quickly. You get into a lot of testing situations, and make lots of arrests. Your skills will be limited to street work until you get promoted, because the investigative and special units will handle follow up. It is easier to move on, as there are simply more opportunities in a large department. Answering 30 calls for service on a Friday night gets old though.

I live in a rural area, and the police forces out here run the gamut. I am friends with the chief of a four person department in a quiet town, and they have to be very proactive, because there are hardly any 911 calls. They don’t have a morning watch, letting the county police cover the city. But, since the officers handle the whole case, they are probably more well-rounded.

One big difference between the two areas that I have seen are the street tactics. Some of the things we do in the hood would never be allowed where I live (the way I talk to my resident crack zombies would get me fired in a heartbeat), and I see officers out here do things (like lean into the window on a traffic stop) that I would never do. Conversely, people where I live actually like and respect the police. Where I work, the relations between the police and community are different.

I’ll leave this thread alone. I’ll be nice today…

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I’ll leave this thread alone. I’ll be nice today…[/quote]

Why? A new name and a new outlook on life?


You and I have talked before. You should also consider the Federal Law Enforcement route. Most Fed agencies hire under 21 yoa. There is also more room for advancement in Federal compared to most medium to large Police Departments.

You’re young, if you don’t like the first Department you work for you can always try another one.

If you want more information about Federal salary and benefits, give me a PM and I will give you a break down and some other information.

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PGA wrote:
I’ll leave this thread alone. I’ll be nice today…

Why? A new name and a new outlook on life?[/quote]

Naw, I cant be a dick in every police thread!