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Police/Fire Programs or Academies?

Just curious if anyone knows of police or fire agencies that are implementing real S&C principles in their academy or in service training. Not the old Cooper garbage or 3 day Crossfit instructor experts.

It would be much appreciated, trying to change the way law enforcement approaches training cadets and recruits. Looking for people to network with who may have already fought the same battles I am.

Thanks, God Bless

PS-also any good coaches who run “train the trainer” type courses for this sort of thing, I know Verstegan has a fire program and is working on a LE program. Right now Cooper seems to have the monopoly, with some people thinking Crossfit is some new cutting edge program where you can be taught how to be a S&C coach in a weekend.

I’ve actually been thinking about the very same thing recently. I have friends in federal law enforcement and upon arrival they maxed out their fitness tests. There really needs to be some standard direction beyond push-ups, sit-ups, and a 1.5 mile run…

My interest was sparked by research I was doing regarding how to improve counterterrorism and counterinsurgency forces.

Exactly, what you described is the old Cooper stuff…hardly applicable to what really happens on the street. If anyone is working in LE and dealing with PT programs I would really like to network with you. Especially if you are in the mid-atlantic region, I have some plans in the works you might be interested in.

Phoenix Fire is pretty up to date. I was surprised when I went through.

I wonder who Verstegen works with to gain knowledge on firefighting or if he just creates something out of thin air.

Cool, do you have a personal contact # or email, or individual you suggest I look up over there?

I know FD’s accross the country seem to be a little more progressive, Peer Fitness concept, etc. Also more established programs Ive seen marketed for FDs. Not a biggie though, Im not just looking for marketed programs, but people who have experience on both sides of the fence, public safety and S&C. That and agencies that have it right, and how did they get there.