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Police Casually Mace a Child


It's been a while since we had a good "fuck the police" thread. (So we don't lose focus, let's reiterate that we don't mean fuck ALL police - just the once that think it's OK to mace little kids for kicks)

Any one want to jump in here and defend this pig? I mean the little girl was OBVIOUSLY a threat, right?


WTF, this can not be real. Really???


Please tell me this is photoshopped....


Need some context here. Maybe she had a loaded pistol pointed at his balls. Or, is this one of those threads that goes 20 pages of speculation over a still image?


its Photoshopped look at the pixels.


Agree. AC, do you have a link to a news story? Thanks.


It's real but it happened in Brazil.

I don't say that to trivialize the situation, just to ask if we are really going to start cherry picking the entire planet to get our rocks off on these types of discussions.


Ive also never seen mace with such a white/clear stream. Could just be my experience but working at bars and seeing police officers mace individuals Ive always noticed a darker/some times orange stream.

Anyhow hes dressed similar to an SRT operative so I doubt he would do something stupid like that.




I bet he's just sprinkling water to the child.


CAN'T BE REAL!??????? Unbelievable!


Its not.


no link because there isnt a story. AC is just trying to stir up controversy and talk shit about LEO's

EDIT: It is real... Will post about it at the bottom.


That's some fine multi-quoting right there. I salute you.


if thats real, that is fucked up. but o dont think it is


the one at the HS football game, the guys were told multiple times to make a hole, it also appeared to be somewhat hostile seeing as they were standing there with police to begin with? either way i dont care, but it wasnt that out of line. IMO



Fuck all you non-police. You are all criminals and this one article proves it. This single person's actions are indisputable proof that all non-police are awful people.

Sarcasm aside...and off topic, this is a very sad story and hopefully some people who drink and drive will think twice after reading.



this is what you should have posted... but he deserved it.

"Police Pepper Spray 8-Year Old in a Colorado Elementary School"


Apparently the picture is real...... but its from a protest IN BRAZIL.



not even from America or involving Americans but the caption on that photo is "America, do you know this cop?"


Does this give the "deserved vs. excessive" debate a different angle? Emotions can be funny.


Maybe because Brazil is in America...