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Police Brutality


Making headlines lately. Check out what this douche cop did to this guy in Passaic, NJ.




Demonstrators call for firing of officer videotaped striking mentally disbled man
Saturday, June 6, 2009

More than 100 people gathered today outside Passaic City Hall to demand that the Police Department fire an officer who was videotaped striking a mentally disabled man repeatedly with a baton and his fists.

Ronnie Holloway, the man beaten in the May 29 incident, and his mother, Betty, attended the peaceful demonstration, which was organized by various community leaders.

â??This man should never have gone through what he did,â?? said Zachary McDaniel, pastor of the Second Timothy Baptist Church in Passaic. â??Cops are here to protect us. How can they be protecting us when they beat us?â??

Protesters carried placards that read, â??Stop police brutality,â?? â??Stop the madnessâ??and, â??No justice no peace.â??

Many also held signs that read, â??Fire Rios,â?? referring to the police officer, Joseph J. Rios III.

Holloway spoke to reporters about how he had always respected police officers and had not had a problem with them until the altercation with Rios.

He said he was taking his nightly walk when Rios and at least one other officer passed by him in their cruiser and asked him to zip his sweatshirt, which he said he had unzipped because he felt warm. He maintained that had begun to comply when Rios exited the cruiser and threw him against the car hood and then threw him to the pavement.

â??I remember him saying â??Get downâ?? and swinging,â?? Holloway said. â??I didnâ??t think Iâ??d see tomorrow.â??

The incident was recorded via a nearby security camera. The recording shows Holloway standing on a street corner when it began.

Nancy E. Lucianna, Hollowayâ??s attorney, said Rios should be â??removed from the force immediately.â??

She blasted as â??baselessâ?? charges brought against Holloway that accuse him of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and wandering with the intent to purchase narcotics.

â??Theyâ??re baseless charges that were just brought to justify the beating that he got,â?? Lucianna said, adding that she probably would file a lawsuit as a result of the incident.

Lucianna said Holloway had never had a problem with police.

Among the demonstrators calling for Riosâ??s removal from the force was Shawanna Barksdale, a Passaic woman who alleges that Rios used excessive force on her last year after demanding that she get out her car.

Barksdale said that after pulling over, she asked Rios why he wanted her to get out the car. She said he reached across her, put the car in park, removed her seatbelt and removed her from the car â??by my hair.â??

She said that after arresting her on what she asserted were bogus charges of assaulting an officer, he took her to police headquarters, where he slammed her head against a concrete wall.

Barksdale said the charges against her were dismissed, and that her complaints against Rios, alleging that he used excessive force, resulted in no disciplinary action against him.

â??When I heard his name and saw this, â??I thought Oh my God, itâ??s him again.â?? This time itâ??s on videotape,â?? she said.

Lucianna said she wanted to get the details of Barksdaleâ??s allegations and would look into them.


How the hell are cops supposed to control things? Hand out milk and cookies?

I saw nothing at all wrong with what the cops did. How could the cop know if he was disabled? Should he guess that and catch a blade?

He should have beat the guy harder, when more people were around; show what happens when you fuck with the cops.



I had to cut off the video. I almost threw up.

Fucking HATE cops. I swear to the Lord My God, if my youngest brother, who has Down Syndrome, or my younger bro who is struggling with bi-polar, paranoia, and agoraphobia, were assaulted by an "officer of the law," as the man in the video was, I would break the officer. Slowly. Horrifically.

Then, there is the strong possibility that I would find and cripple the officers with whom he was most chummy.

To every single "officer of the law" who thinks even the mildest infraction against a civilian is humorous, justified "with what the cops go through," to every cop who has stood by his buddy that "fucked up some dude" for whatever non-legally-justified reason, KILL YOURSELF. You are less than worthless and deserve a special kind of man-made hell.

You are held to a higher standard. You KNOW, you don't believe, you KNOW you are the front line. You deal with the worst level of human shit that exists. And you have to be better than it. ALWAYS. If you are not, well, see above, you worthless animals.


I am tired of hearing cops cry "Our jobs are so dangerous". Steel workers face more danger every day than 90% of cops.




The level of intelligence in the police departments is pathetic. This is 2009, the world is watching.

Until the good cops start to take a stand against the bad ones I will show no respect for them.

To all the good cops out there. It's put up are get treated like the bad ones.

It looked to me like his partner wanted nothing to do with it. Knew his partner was wrong and still did nothing.


well normally i hate it when people call police brutality because more often then not, its not police brutality. the media often attacks our police forces with false claims of brutality and excessive force, and the town i live in happens to have alot of hippies (free loading jobless bums) and they constantly call excessive force and brutality and they're constantly proven to have been the ones in the wrong.

But this here is definatley police brutality, its not the pointless bitching of someone who didnt get what they wanted that we normally hear, this is a horrific scene, that officer should never have been a cop and i hope he does lose his job.

as well, the public does need to understand that police are people to, they're here to serve and protect the public but they also have a job to do and if you try to prevent them from doing their job then something is going to happen and you are an idiot.

Most cops are good people and most cops like normal people do a thing wrong here and there, and you cant really hold it against them as they're people to. But theres also complete asshole cops like this one who should duct taped to a flag pole naked so everyone can throw rocks at him.

I like to think most cops are nice, and with that been said; i live in a small town where everybody knows everybody (including the cops), and even in my town theres a couple of dicks.


Actions hidden behind the shroud of justice. All of them justified because their word is law. I've encountered only one. Those tainted others are truly worthless animals. Not even worthy of the horrors of the slaughter house.

Upon acquittal, deadly metallic rain would fill their homes. Not by one vigilante but by many. All of the equally justified. All of them trying to find justice. A justice that a biased system will never grant them.


Give this thread some time. The idiots who condone police brutality will chime in.


And on what grounds can you tell someone to zip up their sweatshirt. The cop is clearly a low-life and I wonder if you would have the same opinion if it was you getting beaten since you too are clearly disabled (mentally that is for your disgusting post).


Ayn Rand is rolling over in her grave watching the government hating anarchist wannabe agree with the massive abuse of disabled guy at the hands of a government agent.


I really, really thought the exact same thing. When I clicked on the story, I thought, "OK, the guy was probably on meth or something and the cop was just watching out for himself."

But then I watched it, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what threat this guy posed. Even if he was insulting the cop, the brutality in that video is on a level that is above and beyond what is acceptable.


As much respect as I try to give individuals, specifically a great deal of politicans, LEO's, and anybody else who thinks they have a right to tell me how to live my life, the more I get more turned off and start to really despise the current state of affairs of the human race.

I'm a reasonable man and realize that I live in a society w/ other people who may not think or share the same views on reality that I do, and am more than willing to make compromises to the way I would otherwise live my life.

The thing that really pisses me off, is that if I was attacked like this by a police offer w/o having done a thing wrong, tried to defend myself from being beaten, I would most likely go to jail for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. Federal fuck my ass, knock out my teeth, whatever else penitentiary.

In most cases, I would be as agreeable as possible to a police officer. In rare cases, some shit may be spoke, but nothing warranting some punches to the face followed by cumulative batons to the legs.

Then what happens... are you supposed to lay there and get beat on, especially if you have been doing nothing? Even if you had a few too many and got a little out of control, it still doesn't warrant punches to the face and baton whips to your legs. Perhaps you may even take a bullet to the head and have your life taken from you, leaving behind a wife and child as what happened not to long ago in another recent case of things like this.

I hate to say it, but sometimes I wish that society would burn to the ground around us, and granted, things would probably get worse. A lot of people would probably die/get raped/robbed/etc. I think a great deal of us, would learn how to take care of each other/carry and use weapons in self defense/stronger take care of the weaker. We would adapt to a more harsh environment, in order to survive. Eventually things would calm down, as communities formed and people starting taking care of each other.

I think it would boil down to being same amount of criminals, but more heroes and less cowards. Hero and coward are pretty strong words, but this simply means people aware of and trained to handle the added hardships and people who are not.

The trouble is getting fat ass, dumb fuck, network tv, shiny, happy, lets go buy some commercial goods, take in a movie, then go out to dinner America, to realize there is a price to pay for life as we know it, not that there is anything wrong with those things. The sad fact is that the great majority of the population would accept these bouts of injustice as long as they have their illusion of safety.

The reality is the world is full of suffering and a lot of bad things, and people should be willing to take an active role in the preparing themselves for dealing w/ people trying to harm them, take advantage of them, or treat them poorly. If the current culture acknowledged that reality and worked to teach people to deal with it, instead of hiding/cowering from it, we would be much better off.

If that were the case, people would be less likely to give their balls/power over situations/ability to effect the world to somebody who would just abuse the privilege, and less of things of this sort would happen.


If the guy is so disabled, what the hell is he doing running the streets? Does the cop KNOW he's disabled or just a cracked out danger to everyone around him? Which should the cop assume?

Police work on the streets can be a bloody, brutal, and deadly. And the way police action works is being able to bring overwhelming force to end any situation.

Lot of naive people here.


Note: if you were a cop and most people voted for Obama, wouldn't you assume they were cracked out?


Is there ever a time when you legally have a right to fight a police officer back?

It seems that even of you fight back in self defense theyll still convict you of a crime, no matter how wrong the cop was.


My barber said when he was about 25, he had just got hired by the fire department. Anyway he got pulled over by some police and they didnt know he was a city fireman. To make a long story short he said the two police officers started jumping on him. They were white and he is black.

So he said he fought them back and ended up getting the best of both of them, keep in mind it was 2 of them and 1 of him. He said they called for backup and the eventually subdued him. Even though he acted in self defense, he was still charged with assaulting a police officer. He also said the two officers were upset about getting their ass beat by one guy.

He said when they found out he was a fireman they let him plead guilty to lesser misdemeanor charges. The cops got off, which I think is unfair because they attacked first. This is the way my barber tells it and he doesnt have a reason to lie to me.


Ill fight an officer back, Im not just going to take a beating. They might have to pepper spray me and taze me or whatever. I believe people have aright to defend themselves even if its against cops. They need organizations like the Black Panthers to keep the police in check.


LOL! Another lib who lives in some nice clean well-mannered suburb...pathetic.

What if having an unzipped sweatshirt is a sign in Passiac that you're looking to make a buy? Or to show that you're unarmed? Do you think police patrol Passiac (Passiac, FCS!) looking to beat on innocents? Its Passiac, FCS!! Passiac is one of the most drug and crime infested cities in America!

Cops have to use the 70/30 rule: about 70% of random people (strangers) will be insane, on drugs, drunk, or any combination therein (remember, they voted for Obama). They basically act like deranged cattle; so that's how they have to be treated. A TASER is simply a cattle prod for people, btw.

Look at about 70% of the posters in here. There you go.


The police taking down a noncompliant civilian? wow... its almost as if there's a plan.