Police Brutality Caused Man's Death

Welcome to Canada!

Don’t think of messing with our police though.

"Tasered man’s last moments

VANCOUVER - Astonishing video footage released yesterday shows Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski did not resist police or confront them before officers zapped him with a taser, setting off a struggle that ended in his death in the international arrivals area of Vancouver’s International Airport."


Caution: Graphic Footage
9 mins long. Real action starts aroud 6 minutes in.


As a proud Canadian and law abiding citizen, I’m disgusted by the actions of power tripping cops. I pray for the poor mans family and hope the crooked cops get nailed.

RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police
4 vs. 1

Warning: Just like NE Patriots and gang bangers, they’ll so fuck you up.

Wow I only thought corrupt cops using constant excessive force was only a US issue, guess I was wrong. In denver not too long ago an off duty cop, out of uniform and in his own unmarked car pulled over a car for basically litering. It ended in an unarmed mans death by way of the cops service revolver. I hope this cop goes to jail and gets his asshole stretched for 10 to 20 at least, but I’m probobly being a little optimistic to think this will happen.