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Police Beat Helpless Citizen



Huh? Where was the helpless citizen getting beat?

What's that smell?


May your first post also be your last. Running + swinging at cop, not equal to helpless


Feckless asshole.


Awww, shoot. I should have been more sarcastic in the title block I suppose.


From youtube.com:

"Deputy Roman Pluimer of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department joins a foot pursuit of a suspected child molester who escaped custody. When one of the officers attempts to grab the suspect, the suspect unexpectedly hits the officer in the face and bites his arm in an attempt to avoid arrest. Several officers arrive and eventually subdue the rebellious suspect. Deputy Pluimer later leans that the suspect was seen fondling juveniles and was seen attempting to lure them with a $100.00 bill. "


He should've shot the son of a bitch. Right in the face.


Usually I side against the pigs, but this time the pig was the scum who resisted AND attacked an officer.

And why are so many low-life perpetrators SHIRTLESS when apprehended on that show?



That would've helped greatly.


This, coming from the ORIGINAL feckless wonder.


A title I'll wear gladly.


Haha, that guy was definitely not helpless, got what he deserved, and I gotta credit the other officers for just putting him in handcuffs and getting him to calm down without taking it as an opportunity to just beat the shit out of him after he swung at a cop.

Most of my interactions with police have involved them desperately trying to get a rise out of me to justify them escalating the situation.


Cops is about as real as Lizard Lick Towing.


Look, we decided on what to wear while doing crime ten years ago...and now YOU want us to change it?

We said no shirts because we couldn't decide on spring colors or fall. Don't hate us cuz you ain't us.


Because it's like pick up ball, shirts vs skins.


Actually, taking off your shirt and/or climbing on top of an object of any kind (fountain, car whatever) at any public event is the international sign for "please take me to jail".


My brother-in-law is an officer in a major metropolis and he told me that Cops came once, and they're never allowed back because the camera men were trying to stir up shit with people to get drama on film.


I don't doubt that a bit.



You're only as good as the company you keep.


That guy attacked a cop and got off light compared to people like Rodney King. What about the people who lost there lives by getting tasered by lazy cops.

This was a perfect arrest done by the officers involved.