Police and Gov't Brutality

It’s a sign of the times were in. It only escalates for the worse. Never for the better. That’s the story with local and state police, no knock warrants, secret searches, rampant abuse of power, miss treatment and a lot of people shot and killed by the cops because they felt threatened, etc etc… The Police powers are expanding and getting more bold and abusive.

Swat teams and para military tactics against citizens, Police officers feeling superior to the people they’re supposed to serve. I noticed we have crossed the line. Officers in the last generation were more with the community and today officers are clearly more on the Government’s side and against the population. There is no more doubt who’s side they’re on. Hence the abuse of power, killings by trigger happy officers etc etc…

At the same time government is expanding and making everyone safer. 2nd amendment rights are withering away. Bad times ahead for the next generation. I predict the US will become more and more authoritarian as time goes by.

Little by little i observed Police powers increase, become better armed, more aggressive and arrogant. At the same time, little by little Citizens are being thought to be peaceful, disarmed and obedient. Little by little our population is being disarmed and made helpless while the powers that be are more and more powerful and armed to the teeth.

The funny thing is that Osama wanted to destroy our way of life and collapse our economy. The free spirited disposition of America is Over. Seems with time he is succeeding. I was born in the Eastern block under hard core communist oppression.

I see the beginning of such a system starting to take seed here. Maybe not the full blown communist style of government but the relationship of it’s officers to the populace is starting to mirror it. A shame really. Once something like this starts it never gets better.

When Russia existed, its was the beacon for America of what to NOT BE LIKE. Of what to NOT ACT LIKE, of how to NOT TREAT CITIZENS. With Russia gone, We no longer have the necessary comparetivist mentality to keep America Pure.

If anyone saw V for Victory, i must say it’s slowly coming to pass.

Fear is a powerful tool.
And the last administration were experts at promulgating it.

Its a shame that in this country, people accept this shit from the government. There are places that at a moment’s notice, the people will protest to the point where the country shuts down because of some nonsense the government is trying to do. What people don’t understand is that we as a people have numbers on our side.

For example, my advice to those who don’t like how our tax money is being spent is to not pay taxes. When the government can show that they are responsible in how they handle the money, then they can have it.


Those days in America are long gone. the 60’s and 70’s were the last time Americans cared enough to get out into the streets.

Today somehow, everyone is worried about their wealth abundance and jobs. No time for political BS. They have us all by the balls.

Look at the bailouts. The public spoke. 90% of the population made their voices heard. They overwhelmingly protested. What did the government do? Whatever the hell they wanted. End of story. It’s over in America. Some just haven’t faced up to it yet.

When I mean protest, I mean more than just bitch and complain. I mean going to the streets and raising hell. Complete shut down of the city. When that starts happening, things might begin to change.

[quote]MaximusB wrote:
When I mean protest, I mean more than just bitch and complain. I mean going to the streets and raising hell. Complete shut down of the city. When that starts happening, things might begin to change.[/quote]

Well, then there’s the risk that shutting down the city will be worse for the people than the ridicilous rules. That would kind of suck. It would be better to do something to fuck up the government directly isntead of harming the entire system your little country is based on. And even then a broken government might also make for some trouble. You choose your government. If your government is stupid, it’s because you, as a nation, are fucking retards.

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I’m sorry to say, Americans have it good. Come to Russia :).

Hell, I love police brutality! Now let me explain I was attacked mentally and physically by a police officer and on another I was mistreated. Granted I may have deserved the second one a little but not to the extent that they took it to. In the end after I complained, had my lawyer(s) set up it was game on!

After we went through the whole legal procedure I came out on top as I expected I would. The cop got into some major trouble from his department for no reason if you think about it. There was no reason for what he did since I didn’t do anything wrong (yea nobody ever does anything wrong, but I really didn’t).

But thanks to a good lawyer, a few cell phones with the video option and a new suit to look respectable I got justice! Now I don’t think all cops are like this, there are some pretty cool ones out there but I always seem to get the assholes! No offense to those of you out there that are cops.

What is going on in the world in general is no doubt making George Orwell role in his grave. Between Canada’s video cameras watching people as they drive past intersections and America’s Patriot Act we have truly failed as citizens.

It’s just getting a lot more air time now that every phone has a video camera in it, and every city bus, school bus, subway station, police car, and intersection is similarly equipped for video surveillance.

I have never had anything close to a run in with the police because I behave in a responsible manner. Likewise, none of my friends or acquaintances have been busted or brutalized by the police.

I don’t believe that the ‘victims’ of police brutality were so innocent. Every damn video I have seen could have been avoided if the ‘victim’ had simply cooperated. People have no respect for one another anymore, let alone the police.

If a cop says lie down and stop resisting, just fucking do it and there will be nothing to report on the evening news.