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Police Academy Template

Suggestions, please, for a plan that can be implemented while at a six-month police academy with crappy diet and endless PT. My main concern is loss of strength (300/400/500+ for B/S/Q) and the neck that I’ve cultivated over the years. Seriously, it’s precious to me.

Different 5/3/1 variants have worked for me over the years. I’ve put the below together and I’d like some thoughts on this or anything that I may find in the Forever book (ordered last week):

Bench - 5’s Pro + 3x5 FSL
Squat - 5/3/1 + 5x5 FSL
DB rows - 100
Neck harness - 100+

Press - 5’s Pro + 3x5 FSL
Deadlift - 5/3/1 + 5x3 FSL
Chin-ups - 50-100
Pull-aparts - 100
Neck harness - 100+

Look at the forever book when it comes in. He has 2 day a week templates if they’ll work with the pt for recovery, but he also has one “appropriate for law enforcement” as he puts it called strength and conditioning (guess that’ll be better suited for after the academy or before you start it). Honestly, get that book in your hands and you’ll find something they for the book for what you’re aiming. Others with more experience may chime in with their ideas though and if be hard pressed to not follow their advice if given. Good luck with the academy.

Quick question, when do you start the academy? I’m sure that’ll give a better idea of what you could do before during and after from the other guys on here.

Depending on your age and what they have you doing in the academy for PT, I would seriously just take the first few weeks off and assess everything. You may not have much time for it.

If you must lift, I’d find the Jack Shit template and do that if you can work the time in.

When I went through, I still lifted heavy (it was not a live in academy so I was home every night) and it beat me down. Looking back, taking 6-7 months off and doing just what they had me doing would not have been a big deal. It’s only a few months.

Yea 2 days a week like that should be fine, if feeling really beat up can just do the minimum reps on 5/3/1 sets also