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Polar Bear vs African Lion


This would never happen in the wild, because they live in two seperate habitats, but if a male polar bear in his prime was to meet an african male lion in its prime and a deadly fight ensued, who would be the winner? Both are brutally strong animals, although the polar bear has the size advantage. Both are apex predators in their environment. I want to go with the lion, but I don't know.


based on size I will say the polar bear.


Well lion versus a bear had been done. Lion vs bear fights where used as entertainment in England in the late 19th ce tury and the bear won, every time, convincingly. Aparently jaws + fists > jaws and it simply broke the lions skull. With polar bears being larger than their mild climate counterparts id have to say the same outcome would result.


Male lion...


I'm going with Polar Bear. Not as slow as most people think. And they have "hands."


Well lions can't do shit solo against a wildebeast so it would have no chance against a polar bear in a fight.

The female lions are the more dangerous anyway.


Koala vs. housecat.....


Completely false.


Average weight of a polar bear: 350 - 680 kg (770 - 1,500 lb)

Average weight of a male lion: 400 - 500 lb.

The largest lion in captivity recorded in history, weighed 375 kg (826 lbs).

No contest. You might as well ask who would win between a house cat and a pitbull.


So why are they the hunters of their prides?



Men are better chefs than women. But you will often see women in the kitchen making sandwhiches.

Edit - This cost me girlfriend made sandwhiches for a week and earned me a slap indaface.


That doesn't make any sense.

A male lion is useless. He's the equivalent to a dude who lives with a bunch of women and sponges off them.

Look at what makes a lion pride

40 total

3 males

1 old
1 young
1 retard

The rest are female. If males are more dangerous, survival of the pride would require more males.


Males are there to protect the young and the females from other males.



I'm old, your young, so who is the tard?


Good question



if im not mistaken, the females are just quicker and id imagine a bit smarter since they hunt together. but the males' role in their pride is to protect them from outsiders. whats more, male lions will find other prides and, if possible, they will try to kill that pride's male lions.

if they succeed they will kill all the cubs and proceed to re-impregnate the females, thereby taking complete control of the pride. i think that says a lot.


This is retarded. The polar bear has a HUGE size advantage: much taller/longer and up to over 3 times heavier. The paws are basically like heavy hammers.




A male lion can eat babies and sneak attack ther males of other prides...

So bad ass.


Dead wrong. the female lion is not the more dangerous. the male lion is over 100lbs heavier. Don't confuse the fact that the female does most of the hunting and that makes them more dangerous. remember, the females hunt together. and there are always alot more females than males in the pride.

They simply have different jobs. Male tigers hunt, right? cause they live solitary lives. and the male bengal tiger is just as big if not bigger than the male lion is.