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Polar Bear Meat


I'm starting this thread to start a collection of links to websites and other sources for free range meats or venison or grass fed cattle, etc. etc...

...Because I'm sick of eating poultry, beef, and pork.
I would like to some day readily find cheap(er) game meats available in stores.

I know this will never happen as long as there are regulatory agencies barring the killing and consumption of many endangered and scarce animal populations for fear of hurting "biodiversity" in various ecosystems.
So, in the mean while I hope to create a good resource for us on T-Nation starting with this thread.

Thanks in advance.



So wait... you made a thread about wanting POLAR BEAR meat, which a price would be out of the roof for. That, and you know it's not going to happen because they're fairly heavily regulated. All because you can't stick to a diet?

Good post.


Lamb is good.


Have you ever considered harvesting feral cats?

You'll never have to worry about a shortage of resources and you can pretend you're eating Spotted Leopards or Siberian Tigers.


most stores carry bison as well.


Bald Eagle is pretty good. Kind of tastes like turkey.


Yeah, if not for those pesky federal agencies we'd be able to buy exotic game meat for next to nothing in Walmart.


Shit, I just grabbed some of this guy's meat from the local D&W.


Onine: www.wildgame.ca

Go to your local whole foods/wild pat/high end butcher/fancy part of town and see what they have.

A good way is to find restaurants serving wild game and ask them for the supplier


Yeah, my grandpa had a 1000 head tiger farm until the feds shut him down.


Dude that just made my fukin day, thats funny as hell!


Polar bear is good but stay away from it's liver.


Eat humans. Jeffrey Dahmer had some good recipes. I heard.



...got the link from a friend. Really.


Soylent green..... they have factory tours


Are you an eskimo? I think they are the only ones who can legally hunt/eat polar bears.


This thread was about creating a resource for non-corn-fed cattle, free-range poultry, etc...
...not because I can't keep to a diet, but because it's expensive to buy bison from the store(it's grain finished anyway)

...not because I want to eat polar bear meat, but because I wouldn't mind eating polar bear if it were readily available despite the regulations and taboo of eating endangered species

...not because I think all "exotic meats" would be readily available if unregulated for consumption, but because more consumer consumption of non-grain fed animals would help to bring down prices for various wild-caught meats.

I posted this in Supplements and Nutrition for a reason:

I attempted to crate a thread for those who would like to eat bison and ostrich like Couch Thibaudeau, but CAN'T afford it at it's current prices...
a thread for those who read the recommendations by Bowden and Berardi about eating meats without injected hormones and antibiotics and with better omega 3/6 ratios but CAN'T afford it.

Thanks for the posts guys.
You are an asset to T-Nation.



It's good to see that you appreciate everyone's input. If you want serious answers, next time post a thread with a serious title.

Back to the subject at hand, I haven't ever ordered anything from this site, but they carry a number of exotic meats at very good prices. Moreover, they claim that the meat is pasture raised and hormone free.



There is a grass-fed bison farm not to far from me in Maryland where I've purchased burgers, roast, and sausages from:

Prices are reasonable, not sure how affordable it is after shipping though.


My dad hunts moose and deer
I eat moose and deer
gl to you

-off topic poster