Any other Poker players here?

Usually I just play five card draw but last night I started playing Texas Hold 'Em and let me tell you it was 10x better than five card draw. So much fun! We were playing til 2:30 AM until I went all in with a pair of 5’s (shitty hand to be going all in, but it was late and I had to be getting home).

If you do play Poker, any version of Poker, or just any other card games a lot then post em here.

Any serious players? As in play at casinos? My friend regularly goes to casinos to play Texas Hold 'Em apparently and after playing for a while I might decide to go with him sometime just to see how I fare.

I love casinos. I play bacarra and blackjack. I am learning to count cards for blackjack. It is fun.
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Haha I’ve been waiting for a poker OT thread to pop up. I am an avid poker player. I pretty much play Hold 'Em all the time, but if need be I’ll play anything. I’m looking forward to the day I turn 21, because I will be off to Vegas. :slight_smile: Then, the next May I will enter myself into the World Series. I CANT WAIT!

Yup, I’ve been playing Hold Em for about five years now. My first card room experience was at Binion’s where they have the World Series of Poker, and while I wasn’t playing No Limit, it was still an unbelievable experience. Seeing the wall of champions is something I’ll never forget. My goal is to play in the Series in the next ten years.

Hold Em’s the only real poker game. I like to play every once in a while at the Bellagio, which has one of the better poker rooms in vegas. I’m a loooooong way away from no limit, though, and stick to 4-8 games.

Two observations. One, Rounders is a great movie. Two, the WSoP is a great event to go to even if you would never have a chance in hell of playing. If you think watching a player draw a 4 on the river to beat two pairs with some where-did-that-come-from straight is intense, try watching it live.

Matt, I just turned 18 and according to one of my co-workers, a casino that just recently opened here in the Buffalo area has a minimum age of 18 which is good for me considering I just turned 18.

Yeah I am about to turn 18 and I’m going to start going to casinos then. But Vegas is the big-time. :slight_smile:

I agree on hold 'em being the only real poker. Make that t-man poker, rest are muscle and fitness variants…

I’ve played a few times at the local card shack here, it’s at our horse track.

And i’m a long arse ways from being any good, but if I get lucky and happen to sit at the table when some non ultra conservative regulars play, at least I can go home with more than I came.

I saw Rounders for the first time about a month ago and really liked it. Since then, I’ve been interested in learning about poker. I’m worse than a newbie, if that’s possible. I don’t think I can even shuffle cards correctly. But, hey, I want to learn. Aside from sitting in on a game or something, could y’all suggest any books or videos? None of my friends play either. I don’t really know anyone off-hand that could teach me.


Poker? But I barely know her… :wink:

I love Texas hold em. I would love to join the World Series of poker, just turned 21.

Has anyone played Hold em online. I play for fake money on empire poker, but ive watched the real money tables and the players look shit. Would like to try playing online for real money, has anyone tried this, if so howd you do.

CMC, you have to get playing. Playing hold 'em isnt about the cards, although being able to count them quick will help at times.

It’s about the facial expressions, the nuances, the way people act.

That is why rounders was actually pretty good, it dealt with the reality of poker in that aspect.

So really you just have to learn to pick out what people act like when they are thinking this or that. And it’s not easy unless you are just naturally gifted.
Some guys at tables will act totally nuts, giving you almost no clue.
Some will be tightwads to the end, I avoid those guys at all costs cause they are too slow to suck dry. Tightwads tend to be the retired old guys who play for a hobby. You can spot them at tables by watching a bit beforehand, they will NEVER bet big and frequently bow out of hands way early, talking when you only have 2 cards in hand and so on…

And then the good money guys are the rooks, or the drunk guys. Rooks are blatantly obvious in action, can usually tell if they are bluffing or seriously have good cards.
Drunk guys are fun cause they tend to be too far gone to know what is going on, they are playing for fun, giving away their money essentially.

Tonytriceps, im not sure how that would work online. I mean face and body language are too important in a real game, just playing by card view would be a crapshoot. Might as well play some game of chance then cause it’s only as good as your luck.

Online Poker is a great way to play. It can help with scenarios, and notice the betting habits of people. I play at for real money. A good software game to play is Wilson’s Turbo Texas hold em. Can’t wait to get to Vegas, I just play on boats.

Nothing beats the real thing, but check out Doyle Brunson’s Super System if you want a good book. If you’re new to the game though, this will likely be too advanced to start out with.

I just started playing a house game with my brother and his friends every Tuesday night. Dealer picks the game but most of the time it is Texas Hold’em. Quite fun. Occasionally we play 7 card Stud or Chicago. We start out with $10 so it’s more for fun then trying to win a whole bunch of money.

My brother works at a casino and also owns every poker book that is good. He used to be a rounder but doesn’t have the bank roll to deal with the swings.