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Poker, Weights and Gummi Bears

Thursday: Legs
Squats 5x10 w/ 135
Hip Thrust
3x15 w/0
Belt Squat
3x20 w/0

Squats felt heavy AF so 135 here we go.

I slept 9 hours last night and woke up with killer brain fog. I am pretty sure it is from all the higher than normal stakes I have been playing this week. Brain overload a bit. Kind of like CNS fatigue but easier to recover from. I had a 1 hour nap and am going to go easy today (probably) to go hard and hopefully crush this weekend.

Ok at Resorts World waiting for a game to go. I didnt know this place doesnt really start until 4pm. Had I known I would have planned better but it gave me some time to be in here.


** Boobies**
CG Bench 8/9 hole
1s at 275-325-345
VCG Bench
5x10 at 205
Inc Dum 4th hole 13 w/100s
Dum OHP 7th hole 3x15 w/ 30s
Bar Skull Crusher 20 at 45-65

New Bench Routine. I will run strength blocks for a while. Depending on how Squat and Deads look in a few weeks I might get more specific.

War Stories: Back to Back booked back to back PR weeks (ignoring glory days). I feel good, great actually. About 1% chance I 3peat but I will be happy with just booking a win next week.

Also I have Diamond plus now so I get 4 free drinks every day up to a value of $20 each. We wont be short of trulys or beers anytime soon. Which I am sure will evolve into me selling them on the strip as a side hussle.

Came straight from work to gym LOL, Carbonated Preworkout anyone?

(I wrote this at the gym because time stuff.)


EZ Curl 7 at 90
Rev EZ Curl 10 at 60
BFR Curls
Straight Bar Curls

Meh not great not the worst either. I am going to rework the bicep workout for more volume and adjusted movements.

Spouses LMAO Im sure we have all woken up to the slap for something we did in their dreams. This morning I was bitten.


I’ve been in a situation for half a day where she was mad at me over something I did in her dream. I do have to say though she has a good imagination (more often than not she catches me in a reverse gangbang). I ask her to explain with more detail, and that usually upsets her.

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Hahahaha had to google that and not exactly the same but me being gay is my Wife’s worst nightmare. Like wouldnt that make it easier to accept?

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Lol, opposite there. I’m not interested at all, but my wife is bi, and I told her if she wants some lady fun, I’d let her. She said if I want some guy fun I can too. Not a great trade off for me.


Dead Focused Leg Day
1s at 335-385-435
3x5 with 295
Belt Squat
3x15 w/50

All Deads double overhand and easy. People using my machines, time and using them as excuses left this workout lagging.

My Squat shoes no longer fit. They have gotten tighter and tighter until now I am done. They used to be too big. Ordering new ones soon. Pretty sure feet have muscles so drugs causing muscle increase added with wearing flip flops 90% of the time for 10 years has done that.

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Hahaha no, but thats pretty understanding of you.

Boobies (Wednesday)
CG Bench 2 at 365 RPE8
VCG Bench 5x10 at 225 RPE-low
Inc Dum Press 13 at 110s
Uni Latdown 3x15
Dumb OHP 3x15 at 35s

Biceps (Thursday)
Dont remember everything it was a good workout

Legs…ish (Friday)
Yea this was a half assed workout.

Leveling Up: Its been hard to focus on the gym as I kind of dont really care right now. My focus is on work to get money to buy a car after I get my license. Which will then allow us to find a decent apartment. It looks like I might have worked a few things out though to get my license sooner and a short term car to use so here’s hoping.

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