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Poker, Weights and Gummi Bears

Is there a glasses hospital here?
Like an optometrist?
No, like the place to fix the glasses.
Ah, you mean a glasses mechanic!

LOL good morning.

10s at 135-225-275-225-225
EZ Curls
12 at 70
Rev EZ Curl
3x15 at 40
Uni Preach Mach
20-19-18 at 10
Rev Cable Fly

Back a bit sensitive. I am probably going to a 3 day split next week.

Awesome Pump. My hoodie was pretty easy to put on preworkout. I needed help squeezing into it post workout. My wife was less impressed than I was. This hoodie used to fit perfect about 3 weeks ago but now that I am training for real again I have quickly started filling back out. Muscle memory is real.