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poisonous protein

The other day in my health class my professor said the reason protein intake should not exceed 1.5g/kg for athletes is that the nitrogen from protein is poisonous. I know my prof is not a source of high quality information, but could there be any truth to this?

Cant type…losing consciousness…too much protein…ughghgh!

I know its B.S. for that amount of protein but how would you counter a comment like that?

Any truth to this. Hell no!! Ask the damn fool why 1.5g/kg is OK and 1.6g/kg is poisonous. He is full of it.

If the protein is not utilized as a protein source by the body (and most is not). Then the amine group is clipped to make the amino acid into a carbon skeleton (to be burned as fuel). This amine group is toxic and so it is converted into another nitrogen compound called (I think) urea. Urea IS toxic, but it is concentration based. I think it’s what makes pee yellow. If you drink lots of water (nearly clear pee), you’ve diluted the urea to normal levels. Therefore, drink more water and you’ll be fine.

Ask him why 1.5g/kg, why not 1.4g/kg or 1.6g/kg ask for the dounble blind studys, abstracts.

Make him define “poison”

Ask for some clarification on the meaning of poison. Once it’s done, ask your loser to show you one recent study supporting his pretention. Then, ask him, why weightlifters, powerlifters or for that matter any athlete worth his spite don’t drop dead since they consume 1.6 up to 3-4g/kg. Finally, ask him why farmers don’t die at 25. I come from a little village and when I was working in the fields, I saw some guys eat steak 2-3x per day while being perfectly fine. The grand-father of my friend was 98 and he was still removing rocks in the field. So long for “dangerous protein”.

Hope this helps,

Tell him that you’ve been eating 2g/kg for five years now and “Why aren’t I dead yet?” Then watch him flounder.

Unless you suffer one of several serious ailments, where severe protein restriction is indicated, then there is no damage from a bodybuilding dose of it QD. As long as your kidneys and liver are working fine, your body can handle lots. One must still remember to count total calories, of course. The increased water intake is a great idea, as always.

That is what killed the dinosaurs?. How much meat do you think our ancestors ate during the bison run back in the Stone Age? If he was right we would not be here today.

the ignorance of the world is sickening. A lot of the respect has been lost by the old timers because they did not have the will power to learn the truth. laters pk

Only if you are in renal failure. Seriously, where do they find these college profs? If I here one more “Americans ALREADY eat to much protein” line from either some pencilneck or some obese nutrition prof (ironic they are all obese isn’t it?) I swear I’m going to beat them to death with a raw porterhouse.