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Poison In My Supplements?


i recently read the dangerous creatine article and it really woke me up the the dangers of the supplment market ... i was wondering aside from the two dangerous ingredients listed in that article does anyone know any others to watch out for .. i wanna put togather a list


You want my opinion?I believe most of it.There are some good companies out their like Biotest(that I trust).I buy ON all natural whey so I just get the protein and none of the other crap.If I were you I wouldn't rely on supplements.Get plenty of natural whole foods,workout hard,rest well.Once you've got those three taken care of use some supplements if you wish.Personally,I stay away from a lot of the huge supplement companies that sell their products in GNC.Most of it is nothing but crap;most of them make money off of young kids who are starting out and actually believe their misleading lies.No supplement can repleace a good workout and nutrition plan.


I think the real take home question is to take a minute to KNOW what the heck you are putting in your body. Dont just follow the crowd like all the other sheeple.

Get supps, etc from reptutable sources and still look into the ingrdients first.

Thats my take,


well the thing is iv been lifting for almost three years now and my diet is already in check .. iv never really used supplements so i think its time to get that extra edge .. but i dont know what the good companies are (besides Biotest obv) and what ingredients to even aviod if i did read the label


Well bro Google the ingredients or ask here about the ingredient of something you are wondering about and Im sure we will all do are best to help shed some light and you are SURE to get varied points of veiw.

Keep liftin hard and eatin big, The supps will just be an adge add ONE at a time.



Forgot to mention. Throw us your goals, stats, etc and we can help out with recomendations as well. Daily diet log and training would help us as well.


5'7 164 pounds 18yrs (just got done cutting) wanna gain back to where i was when i started cutting 182 (obviosuly wanna gain it back in muscle) and i need it as fast as possible for next years sport season


When I bulk I take the "slow approach."By doing this I really never gain much,if any,fat back.The last bulk I did I only gained two pounds of fat back.I do have a faster metabolism(that helps),but you could try it and see how it goes.

Also,I find the zig zag method great when you don't want to hit a plateau.I started adding 200 calories at a time,not 1,000 like most people.Thats how I do it.

When I'm done bulking I'll have very little fat to strip away.Sure,it takes a little longer,but atleast you won't have 10-20 pounds of fat to take off.Good luck!