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Pointy Nipples


Wow, what an odd topic. I have no idea where to start. I have very pointy nipples. My body fat percentage is about 16%. I'm 18 years old. Um. I don't think that I have "man boobs", but I am very disgusted with my chest. I am fairly muscularly built, but my chest seems to be very bottom heavy.

Because of this, when I wear shirts, the top of my chest slopes inwardly as the bottom part sticks out in a nice round bulge making it look like I have a wierd chest.

My pointy nipples don't help either, because, this will sound wierd, they are very hard. They are naturally hard and stick out, and are clearly visible when I wear shirts. This is a huge problem for me as I always wear beaters.

Shit. I know that the first thing I have to do is get my body fat down. But is it possible that no matter what, my nipples will always be pointy? (note: at this point of typing this post, I laughed out loud over what I kept writing: pointy nipples)

Anyway, is there any way to make my nips seem not so pokey? Is there anyway to flatten out my chest so they don't look like boobs? Any way to soften my hard nipples? If I post pics, will you guys be constructively critical to me? Thanks guys.


could be the gyno, but lets fix the big issue first: stop wearing a beater.


Yes, I promise.


Gain some muscle?


Though, if your nipples are succulent enough, you might make Friday's "Powerful Image". It's really quite the honor!

On a more serious note: Might want to try an estrogen blocker. Or perhaps lose some body fat.

Where did you get the 16% figure from? Back when I was 22%, I thought I was at 18, based on the mirror. You might very well be in the estrogenous man-fat range, if your measurement method is as spurious. Checkitty check yourself.


Sorry dude, there's nothing you can do about pointy nipples, at least as far as losing body fat goes. You can have them surgically reduced, but personally I'd be a bit wary of messing with my nips.


Yes, I promise too, without regard to comedic effect what so ever...



If they feel hard then its probably gyno. Especially if its hard behind the nipple, like a hard pea or ball. Then I'd talk to the doctor which you should do anyway. Letrozole is supposed to help with gyno, as it could just be from puberty.

Have they been like this as long as you can remember, or after puberty?


Dude, your a guy with boobs and you wear beaters. put on t-shirt man.

at 16%, you might have fat on the pecs. diet down and it might disappear, if it's not genetic or anything


Have you been drinking "Rocky" shakes? (with raw eggs)


Pierce them. It's so hot when guys have pierced nipples.


Gross, I know a guy with his nipples pierced and they puffed out big time because of it. They're HUGE. Anyway, I used to be chubby when I was a kid, so I never cared about my nips, but now I'm older and care about my appearance. And I guess, yah, the nipple part (like from where the baby sucks on) is firm and sticks out; the areola (I think its called that) is soft and kinda leads into a conelike shape. What kind of estrogen blockers are out there? Would that cure it, or prevent worsening? Is it safe if I'm 18? And I got the 16% bf from a basic highschool PE class that measured out bf, and I went to a clinic last month that measured my body fat via that electric hand thing and it was 17%. So I just said 16.


Do not mess with AI in an attempt to get rid of your gyno. First of gyno isnt always caused by estrogen. There are many other hormones at play (prolatin, GH, IGF-1, for example). Second the side effects are not worth it. Decreasing the little estrogen tht we as males have is not good.

Go to you doctor and ask about your gyno. Mention to him/her about Nolvadex and its affect on gyno from puberty. Also, you may not be done thew maturation process. Some people's gyno go away later in life.

Not sure if this has been asked/disclosed, but do your nipples hurt.


No my nipples never hurt normally, unless I give em a good squeeze. And does any one know what this "lump" or "gland" is supposed to feel like? Cuz I cant feel anything except for some tougher. Wow I just noticed something. If I squeeze my whole boobie with my hand, there's like a "ball" in my chest. It's not directly behind the nipple, its like in my chest. Is this just muscle? Or did I just find the "lump"?


Yikes, schedule a appointment with the doctor.


What?!! Are you serious? I swear, omg. Shit no maybe I swear it was just a clump of muscle that I molded into a ball! Shiiiit!


Yeah...get that checked out by a doctor.


Why do you ask if his nipples hurt? Is it a sign of a problem?


I have it too. Don't worry about it, its a hormonal thing thats because of the crap your mom ate when she had you or the crap you ate during puberty (too many hormones in meat and milk these days :frowning: ).

If you don't have money for surgery... don't worry about it... lean out to a low bodyfat, it'll look way better then just live with it and get strong. Be a Man. No one will make fun of you then.

And most girls dont care so don't worry about that.


Ummm... its not.

You should go to the doctor regardless.

PS... maybe you should start wearing bras instead of beaters.