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hey guys, over the past 5 years i have gained great info about creating and monitoring a diet. i have developed a computer program to make things easier but i have grown tired of counting everything. I was wondering if i could use one of the Points Plans to track my diet so i could enjoy all tyes of foods but not hae to worry about getting fat because i am within my points. I know most of the points are set at a reduction of body weight level, but if i were to pro-rate the points out so i knew my maintaince points would this work.

Why don’t you try the Deal-A-Meal cards?

Yes it would work fine, you should use seperate points for protein, carbs, and fats. You can call the points “grams” or “calories” or something. Then you find your maintenance points and you’re home free.

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Jacob Anderson is totally right on. A points system is not any easier than counting grams and calories. It’s just a nice marketing scheme by Weight Watchers.

If you really don't want to deal with noting all of your calories, you can plan out each meal ahead of time and just eat the correct foods that coincide with the meal requirements. So if for meal 2 for example, you are supposed to eat 40g of protein and 60g of carbs and less than 10g of fat, you just make the correct additions +/1 a few grams and you'll be fine.

Sooo, let’s see…

You could count calories… or you could count grams…or you could count points…

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