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Pointless? Useless? Need Help...


Can we just have one thread for TYPE2B to post all of his questions in?

I'm taking a poll and I need your help. What should we call 2B's thread?

A) The Pointless Post Thread
B) The Ask Before Thinking Thread
C) The I Just Want My Post Total to Go Up Thread
D) Other _________ (please provide your suggestion)

Also, can we sticky this at the bottom of all the other threads? Maybe call it an Unsticky?


'The Stop Posting Crap and Go Train Thread' maybe?

It baffles me how anyone can have the patience to post so much crap.


The irony of this post got me laughing. Good one mate!

Why would anyone care why someone posts their endless list of questions? You can always ignore it....


Actually, he didnt post in this thread so we should do something different. If every new thread has some serious flames on him, he wont post in it, therefore ridding the problem :slight_smile:


E. The intellectual masturbation thread.


E. wasn't an option.


Banishment to Dimension "Page N." I clicked "Ignore" on him early. Headhunter/AynRandLuvr is next.


Massachusetts members kick ass thread.

or C


My suggestion:

2B or Not 2B?


What TYPE of question is that?


"Page 15"

Comon internet geeks, someone has to know what this means.


That IS the question...


forget the swine flu, a case of the ghey is flygin around this thread


I didn't see any problem with the guy's questions. There's a lot to be said about a "vigin" mindset. Beyond our personal training experiences (which, for some of us around are rather limited in the grand scheme of things), a lot of the knowledge kicked around here is regurgitated verbatim from T-Nation articles or other web-sourced training articles.

As such there is an echo-chamber effect where the value of a personal opinion espoused by a recognized authority soemtimes gets magnified in the forum discussions not by a critical evaluation based on applying the authors concepts to practice, but rather the opinion is granted credence of god-given natural law based on prestige of the author.

If Charles Poliquin or Pavel Tsatsouline said that beating off twice a day and eating a coconut would improve your recovery, neural adaptation, and produce a 5% increase in lean body mass, I bet people would treat that sage bit of wisdom like it were the gospel and never question its validity. I'm just saying it never hurts to question soem of these givens.


He doesn't question tho... he makes statements which he believes to be true. And won't hear any different!!


Thank you Hanley, I was about to say the same thing.

So far his threads have been about bragging, who's the strongest, posting old videos, how much do you get out of gear, how much do you lose by pausing, etc.....

Generally after one or two answers he has come up with an extremely generalized conclusion.

I'm all for Newb's asking questions and trying to further their knowledge. But I don't honestly think this is his goal. He is a self proclaimed troll and simply likes to see himself create threads and increase his post total.

So yes, I think there is a benefit to asking questions, but there is also a benefit to sitting back and learning from the vets. And I think he needs to sit back a learn for a while.



The thread title made me think you were having an existential crisis.


Tell Pavel and Chuck I'm 2/3 of the way there -- all I need now is a coconut.


I don't have crises. Hell, I barely have emotions.


Thank you for understanding. You are a wise man.


I'm glad you're listening to Pinto, that's a good move. Now go read the posts by Hanley and Modi.