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Pointers Please


yearzero wrote:
Hey so i looked around for some workout routines on this page and I'm new to T-Nation. I've been going back and forth on the internet finding training programs and what not.

I was hoping if maybe actually talking to some experienced people that i could get some help. I've been lifting for 4 years. I don't have a picture up, but my pecs are the biggest portion of my body.

I'm six foot, 185 lbs. I used to be a cross country runner and I still do long distance. I'm in college, so sometimes the wieght room must be put aside when it comes to exams and i'm also a little short on money.

I'm looking to put on 15 pounds of muscle. I need to bulk up in my arms and back for sure. Legs could use some meat as well. I typically stay off my shoulders because I have a rotator cuff thing that pops/snaps, especially lateral raises. Any suggested workout routines or places to find such would be awesome. Thanks.


It seems like somebody started a sticky for this situation of random "help me" posts. Now where would somebody find such a massively viewed post? Might it be be hidden within an ambiguously titled post "Bulking Tips for Newbies"? Might be.


Yea, I suggest the stickies.


From these two sentences I would suggest you search out the 'Shoulder Savers' series and also 'Push ups, face pulls and shrugs' article.

Seriously, do some work on evening out your push and pull lifts and some shoulder rehab or you will be in for more than just 'popping' down the line.


Just double the volume of your back work to your chest work. Otherwise the Are You A Beginner? sticky gives you some articles to start on. EDT, WS4SB etc