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Pointers on Body Recomposition?

Hi there, new to this forum, first time post. I am 22, been working out on and off from when i was 15 to now but never involving any weights. I used to weigh 160 and was slender but now as i have been lifting weights i weigh 180lbs. Any pointers on how to tone my body while still adding more mass to it? Here are a few pics, let me know what you think. Thanks!

How tall are you, what’s your program, how long have you been using weights?

You probably just need to give it time. If you started cutting now, you probably would slow down your growth and end up skinny fat. But knowing how long you’ve been lifting and what your programming is would help.

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Any full body template by Waterbury or Dan John

I stand 6 " tall, i weight trained in highschool for 2 years, stopped and got into a strict pushup and pull up regimen being that life after highschool quickly took away my focus at the gym so it was body weight exercises for 3 years which then i realized i had gained stomach fat and i stopped everything completely up until last year September at the age of 22. My current program involves basic compounds which consist of bicep curls, tri pull down, overhead dumbbell press, dumbbell bench press, deadlift, squats, and for stomach i go for crunches, v ups, leg raises and flutter kicks. I don’t mind having extra fat i just want to know what i can do differently or tweak to achieve maximum growth. Thanks again for the reply!

I highly appreciate it, some good reads from both ends!

I think you’re good.

Based on the pics, you’re soft, but you are developing muscle. I would just keep it up, keep lifting and keep eating well.

I think your programming could get better. Focus on the compound lifts, squat, bench, overhead press, and deadlift.

Add weight each week, keep eating well, and be patient. You need to add mass and by adding mass you will lose fat.

When you are ready, run a program. Whatever program, and stick to it for twelve weeks.

Enjoy brother!

Will do man, thank you for the encouraging tips! :muscle:

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