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Point to the Right Direction

So, I’ve been in a state of confusion. First and foremost, I apologize for asking the basic questions pretty much everyone asks. I searched through and some people want different things then I do. So where do my real troubles lay? In choosing which program to do first. I think Chad Waterbury’s programs offer me the best. I really prefer being in the gym as often as he lists. It’s great for me. I’m really energetic all the time. I love hitting the weights and most of my cardio comes from playing basketball pretty much as often as I can.

So, to help you understand where I am right now I’ll give you details on everything I’ve been doing the past 6 weeks, how I’ve been eating, etc. First, my weight training consisted of splits. I realized now that was a big mistake. Regardless, I gained newbie mass. Approx 2 inches on my chest, 2 inches off my waist, 1 inch on my bicep, thighs, and calves. I’m not really happy with that. For someone who just began, I expected a lot more. Regardless, I’m not afraid of doing anything different or difficult. My eating habits I’ll admit are pathetic. My carb consumption is probably 120G everyday, and my protein is probably around 110G. I weigh 159 and am 5’6. I don’t look or feel overweight, but fat trimming can come after I bulked up. That’s my main mission.

So where to start? I don’t have access to all the supplements to properly bulk up. Until then I want to be on Triple Total Training. CW used that to get back in shape, I want to use it to prepare for the roads that lie ahead. Now my question is where to go after that? I love planning ahead. I’m anal like that. So this is what I’ve figured in order of CWs plans and maybe you can adjust it to fit my needs. I want to start bulking and then fat trim. The amount of size I want, I really don’t know. But here it goes:

Hybrid Hypertrophy
Waterbury Method
Prime For Muscle
Quattro Dynamo
Singles Club
TC’s Destroy The Fat Routine

Just a thought, I don’t like the ABBH program. That’s just my preference but what do you guys think? Am I heading in the right direction? This is how I’ve looked at it. TTT will conditioned my body for anything ahead and everything until Quattro Dynamo will help me build the mass I want. Quattro Dynamo will shock the system and I feel like ready me for Singles club. After that I want that fat to go bye bye and use TCs Destroy the fat routine. As you can see I prefer short routines. TTT is the only exception. What do you think? I’m in limbo here. I don’t know if I’m heading in the right direction or not. I have until Monday until all this new stuff begins. Right now I’m taking some time off to rest up for my journey ahead.

As for nutrition, any comments would be great. I was thinking Carb cycle codex by CT. Thanks for any help. Again I apologize for this consistent things, I’ve just spent so much time on this site in the past week that I’ve been hooked on doing something specifically from this site.