Point of Authority!!!

Does anyone else like the animation in this Linkon Park Video? I think it kicks ass. The song is good too. :slight_smile:

Linkin! Park is absolutly amazing. Everything they do blow’s my mind. I don’t see these guy’s fadding off for a long long time.

HAHA, please! Just like Limp Bizkit was here to stay right? Then Wes Borland grew some balls and left Fred Durst and that poor excuse for what they call music. Face it, rap/rock, rapcore, pimprock, whatever the fuck you want to call it, is dying.

I don’t think it is a fair comparison to say linkin park is like limp bizkit. LB never held the favor of the number of fans that linkin park has currently. I’m into music so I was aware of limp’s rise and subsequent fall, but if you ask a person who is not a serious music fan, “what about limp bizkit?” The only response would be, "didn’t they have that song “nookie”. I believe linkin park to have broader appeal and have more thoughtful music than bizkit IMO.
I’ve liked LP since the first time I saw them. It was fall 2000 and they opened a show at Supertoad in Des Moines. I knew nothing about them but was absolutely blown away-I don’t even recall who they opened for, absolutely stole the evening. I saw them again at Family Values last Oct and thought they were the best live act. Currently, LP is too big to simply fade immediately, they often have several songs on the playlist at radio stations. I don’t think Bizkit ever got more than “faith” and “nookie” onto playlists. Bizkit had other videos on TRL but MTV exposure does not always translate into radio airplay. In our day bands still go boom or bust based on radio. Pearl Jam is a good example of success without really any MTV backing. Linkin Park has excellent backing on top 40 as well as hard rock radio. They are here to stay for a while

Sorry to say but I think Linkin Park is way overexposed. I can’t listen to a radio station long enough without hearing either their old songs, the new remixes, or at least a commercial for the new “Reanimation.” Personally, I think the new songs suck really badly anyhow - absolutely no comparison to the original album (strong emphasis on the word “original”). Just my two cents.

How can you compare limp bizkit to Linkin park? That’s just retarded. They sound nothing alike. Linkin park has something special and that something special is going to keep them around for a long time. It’s just amazing how their songs are put together. The rock pumping , then hard core rock lyrics , then the rock lyrics fade but are still there as the rap begins to take over. It’s like they are painting a picture with their music. Linkin park is real art.

How bout the fucking animation??? :slight_smile:

Where did I say they sounded the same? No where, however, they IMO are in the same genre. They need to lose whiteboy rapcore thing and stick to the singing. Although, Papa Roach tried to do this and they still blow. LP is definitely overexposed. I don’t know if i would call their music art. If you want to check out someone good listen to Lostprophets, their song writing is much more dynamic and original. LP is stuck in the whole verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus…etc song structures, very predictable, just like Limp Bizkit.

Given the new Papa Roach album a listen? I think you’ll be surprised to find that there’s almost none of the “raprock” that was in some of their first album. There was a moment of it in their first single “She Loves Me Not”, but they are getting away from it. Their next couple of singles will probably surprise you.

Yeah i’ve heard the new song. I just find Coby’s lyrics to be very trite. The whole screaming and singing about a shitty family, ex-girls, etc has been done so many times. I just don’t think he’s a good lyricist at all. Also, have you seen them live? Everyone I know liked P.Roach until they saw them live. Again, I highly recommend the Lostprophets. If you’re going to download a track or 2 check out “Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja” or “The Fake Sound of Progress”. Good stuff.

The whole rap-rock genre is crap basically. Linkin Park is no exception. Yeah, all that yelling and screaming is pointless. I can’t tell what he’s saying and since LP sounds horiible musically, I have no desire to find out whats being said lyrically. Yes, I’m sure the video is cute too!

I really like the animation in the video. It makes me want to learn more about the story behind the battle. I wonder if its from a video game or something…I never really liked the song before but now I do, funny how a good video can change your audio opinions.

Awesome video, reminded me of the movie Final Fantasy