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Point of Ab Work?


i was just wondering whats the point of doing ab work if you want to improve the look of them?

i heard that doing ab work does nothing to improve the look it just strenghtens your core

so does doing ab work make them look better??




i heard that you can't make your abs any bigger??

or have i been misinformed?


You're trying to build muscle when you do ab work for aesthetic purposes.

You certainly won't be able to build as much as you would on your arms or legs but it'll definately be bigger if you work it.

Even at a low BF it's hard to get a flat abdominal muscle to "pop" like you see on bodybuilders.


Strong abs do more than just look good. A strong core is an asset in many sports, posture, squatting, so yeah, it's not of much use to strengthen your abs.


Of course, they'll pop out more. Simply put, by working the abdominals with resistance, you can stay at a higher level of bodyfat and still have maintain a six-pack.


i heard that doing ab work does nothing to improve the look it just strenghtens your core

you heard wrong.


Abs don't have much potential for growth.

Not much is not the same as nothing.

And allthough a strong core is certainly an asset, the question remains if crunches are really the way to strengthen the core.


Heavy, direct ab work has definitely improved the look, definition and strength of my abs.


The same thing could be said for any part if that is what you think; its like saying a bicep curl doesn't give you guns it just strengthens the arm. It also makes the muscles bigger thus more visible




YEAH and most people look at me like i'm crazy when i tell them this...most people think High rep with little to no weight is the way to go...which imo is wrong....


Before I had ever lifted a weight or done any abs training, I was extremely skinny (6' 1" at 120 pounds). You could see my ribs, but you still couldn't see my abs. So for some, it may just take a low body fat percentage to get the coveted six-pac; for others, abs work may be necessary.


You don't have to do direct abd work to get fairly strong abds. The key is doing as much free weight non-supported trunk exercises as possible. For example, when doing military press do it standing or sitting on the end of a bench without your back supported. Squat and dead-lift with no belt (which you don't need anyway unless you are doing max lifts).

Basically any exercise where you don't have your truck supported will hit your abds.


Direct ab work is a load of bollocks, if you do it, your training program obviously sucks. You are either spending too long in the gym, or not working hard enough. So many movements recruit the abs to a large degree their is NO need.

The only thing more worrying than doing a half assed set of crunches at the end of your workout is doing a complex ab workout in the middle of your time at the gym.

But seriously, if you really want to do ab spcialization work, wait till you get home, don't do that stuff in the gym. My advice would be to incorporate some sort of ab program at night, when you are home, rather than wasting your gym time on it.

It's not my fault, im so pissed off at seeing crunches in the gym. You pay for a membership, and all the equipment that goes with it, and all you can do is CRUNCHES? And you can't even do them without feeling it in your neck first..........


Doing a thousand crunches and twists is silly, but some direct weighted ab work can be usefull.
If your hips are anteriorly rotated, it will help to pull them back in to position, or help to prevent it.
It will also help to keep a solid core when squatting and doing anything else that reguires bracing of the abdominal column.(a whole lot)


what's the point of squatting?

Why do a deadlift?

what's the point of benching and doing chins? what's the point of doing rows?

why bother with overhead presses?

the answer to all these questions and yours is that... wait for it...

sufficient resistance when training makes you stronger!

Also, this just in, working out induces your muscles to grow beyond what they'd be if you didn't work out with any resistance!

So yes, do some fucking ab work if you want stronger and bigger abs.

what's the point of eating?
what's the point of not pissing your pants when on a first date?
what's the point of breathing?
what's the point of...


If you do, and she sticks around, you found a keeper. Freaky, but definately a keeper.


Ab work is incorporated in enough movements already, it's a waste of time, especially if it's taking up time when you could be eating, squatting or deadlifting, or doing something else worthwhile.

Im not saying don't do abwork ... Im saying that if you are following a effective program encorporating many of the big compound lifts, you ARE doing it anyway.....

Also the greatest upper body movement is, in my mind the pullup, and you can't tell me that it wont build fucking strong abs, and the benefits of it certainly don't end there.

Also on a personal note, when i've deadlifted, squatted, AND benched and done a few sets of pullups ON the same day, I really wont have it in me mentally to do some fucking crunches, and guess what, I wont need to...

And I know someone is going to go WTF to the fact that I do the big three all on the same day; but I think people should spend more time working out what works for them, rather than reading articles left right and center for the sake of getting educated..... It really isn't rocket science, Nutrient timing, negatives, e.t.c e.t.c really arn't important, these things make the 2% difference in peoples progress... the only rule is to eat loads and Lift. I do not even think you neccessarily need to lift heavy to make great gains, sure lifting heavy ass weight helps, but i'm sure a weight you can lift for 12, isn't going to hurt your progress......

Before I was able to join a gym I gained 35lbs of lean body mass by just doing bodyweight exercises and EATING shit, up to 7000 calories a day.........

The fact people are talking about direct ab work just tells me that that person must be making poor progress.


this is really really really stupid advice. if you think squatting and deadlifting somehow will build thick impressive abs, you've got another thing coming. you sound like one of those 'compound only!' people that i see so often online. as if isolation/direct work is somehow pointless or ineffective.

it comes again to EMG research, let's see how much the abdominals are activated during certain compound lifts you've mentioned compared to direct ab work like hanging tucks/knee raises, leg raise, exercise ball crunches, etc...

your abs must suck if you follow your own advice.