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Hey guys, im new to the site today been reading as much as possible and I have some questions for you guys, please dont flame me, these are serious questions for a newbie.

First off, im 33years old and still play competitive sports like mens softball and basketball, and volleyball in the area.

Ive always been considered one of the best athletes in this area since i was 17years old, but the last few years I got a desk job and my health has gone down hill. Never had injuries before the last few years (i know im getting old). Anyway, im working out three days at the local gym, trying to keep the fat off by doing cardio and weight lifting.

Right now ive had to limp into the end of the basketball season with achillies tendonitis, which i also go during the middle of softball season.

Here is my question, im going to be resting my feet for awhile to help with the achillies problem again. I have lost alot of power, core strength, and balance from what i had 5-7 years ago.

I plan to work out this summer like a mad man and looking for a cycle thats affordable , low on side effects and something that will help me get my athletism back with my workouts.

Im 5’6’’ 185lbs (graduated college at 172) So i want to get back to that weight if possible or loose a few pounds and but loose all my flab in my belly.

Would the Stack of Mag10, Tribex, M be the place to start?

Any advice would be appreciated in helping this old guy regain some of his strength!

You got it. Cant get much better. If you want a longer cycle go for biotest 4ad-ec.

But with either or any cycle and training in general you need to have diet in line. This is #1 to any progress toward any goals.

Check out JB’s 7 Habits… article as well as the diet manifesto for some great reading and education.

I would post the links but I am short on time, do a search over <- on the T-mag not the forumn. For the manifesto and a plethora of worth while info check out the frequently asked ?'s link on the home page.

Hope that helps,

By the way welocome to the site and good luck on your goals.


I don’t think supplements are your answer. First, get your diet in line. If you are looking to lose fat and gain or maintain muscle, look into T-dawg 2.0 for ideas. you can search for this in the T-mag search. Next, you’ll need to get an exercise plan together. Basically, compound exercises like squats and deads. Throw in some bench and isolation exercises to help attain the goals you have set for yourself. Once you have all of this in order, then concider supps.
I hope this gives you some direction.
Good Luck

To answer your question, the Mag-10 stack is awesome shit.

Hey guys i went to the above link and read about the fast fat experiment, i was really going to give this my all. But noticed that biotest discontinued Md6 and Adrosol, i tried to email the writer of the article but his email doesnt work anymore.

Has anyone tried this diet with using two other products and had his success ?


Im assuming that HotRox would substitute the MD6 ? What about the androsol ?


go for the 4-ad ec instead of the discontinued androsol. good luck!

First off, get your diet together, if you haven’t already done so. Start keeping a log of everything you eat to learn what changes you need to make. Get your protein intake up as well. Mag-10 is definitely a great choice of a supplement; however, I would save that til you’re ready to make some serious gains. I don’t know that I would recommend using Mag-10 as well if you are suffering some major injuries. Although Mag is not area specific (i.e., biceps, chest, etc.), you may develop some major misbalances in size and strength. I feel your pain with the tendonitis. I’ve personally found it helpful to stretch quite frequently throughout the day, especially “AFTER” workouts. Also, I’ve found that doing vascular exercises helped improve recovery time and strength in the strained areas. Icing, anti-inflammatories, and stopping training for a few weeks didn’t help the problem.

First of all, gotta get healthy. STRETCH THOSE CALVES. I believe people have had great success with heavy eccentrics, too, for tendonitis. Check out Don Alessi’s stretching article this week.

Desk job is brutal on your body. Gotta stretch!