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Point Me The Way on The Road to Badass


This is a long post, but it's hard to sum up 5 years' of training in any less. If you read, and give advice, much thanks to you.

I am a 31-year-old American guy, been living in Japan for 6 years. I came to this country at 106kg with a 100cm waist and 36% BF, and couldn't easily find clothes that fit. 5 years ago I began weight training and slimmed down. By increasing calories, my lifts are once again going up, but I am still far from 5 yearsâ?? worth of results.

Now my gym is closed for New Year's until January 3rd, so during this forced break I want to ask for advice for the road between my results and goals.

Height: 182cm
Weight: 94.5kg (on creatine, so probably about 92kg)
Body fat: About 17-18% (according to the machine)
Max bench: 115kg
Max squat: 137.5kg
Max deadlift: 172.5kg
While the numbers are not high, I believe they are done with proper form. Bench is ass on bench (not in the air), pause on chest. Squat is pause at bottom with ass on shins. I used to squat heavier, but not with proper form. No straps, belts, gloves, bench shirts or squat suits - it would be a waste with numbers like this.

Short-term Goals
Max bench: 140kg
Max squat: 180kg
Max deadlift: 200kg

Long-term goals
2XBW bench
3XBW squat and deadlift

I have been reading T-Nation and other sites for a few years, and trying a lot of programs. I am asking here for personal advice this time because there is no one in my gym I can ask. The trainers have people doing squats in the smith machine, and the only member stronger than me is a light bulb who can bench 120kg but squat 80kg.

I have trained at every gym in the area, and this one is the best in terms of equipment. Still, it is a commercial gym: no bands, chains, boards or boxes. I asked the local powerlifting association, and their closest gym is over an hour away, so thatâ??s out of the question, given family and work commitments.

Due to these commitments, I can only train 3-4 times a week, so I use full body splits, nearly all free weight/compound movements, and superset (bench immediately followed by chin ups etc.) I get 3000+ calories per day, and take creatine, ZMA, BCAA, CLA, vitamin C and calcium.

Here is my training log (as jpg, I will also update it on google documents).

Please give me advice or point me to a T-Nation article that you think is best suited to help me get from my current results to my goals.

Thanks very much.


Hiya Man, I am not at your level yet so my advice is purely based on reading results from training logs and articles on TNation.

Due to time constraints why don't you follow 5/3/1. It focusses on one big lift/ training day instead of a full body split. If you have 3-4 days to train a week, then it may benefit you. While it is periodized, it still focusses on linear progression.




Hi, I have similar goals to yourself; to increase strength, then speed / power for sports. Currently, my 1RMs are as follows:

Squat 190kg
Bench 120kg
Deadlift 220kg

My goals for April are as follows:

Squat 200kg
Bench 140kg
Deadlift 230kg

I have read on powerlifting forums that a good 'ratio' (for intermediate/advanced would be: bench 1.5xBW, squat 2xBW, deadlift 2.5xBW, which would mean that at 92kg, all of the above would be about right (squat 20kg over... :s )

I am also training for a triathlon, which will slow my progress slightly. I am lifting 3 times per week and adding 2.5kg to each lift every week. (See thread)


I wish you the best of luck with your training, glad you've chosen to get under the barbell, instead of trying some crazy diet!