Point me in the right direction

Does anybody know where I can get more information on training and nutrition geared specifically for people 35 and up? I seem to be at a standstill here.

In what way do you feel that your training should change once you turn 35?

TONS of info here . Oh and your age . I dont think you have to worry about that for a longgggggggg time .

Just do searches here on training and nutrition .

Do a search for “Senior T-Men”, a recurring column with training and other advice.

Check out the article titled “Senior T-man” here at t-mag. Do a search and it will come up. Although, I must say that there really isn’t a specific routine that should be followed for someone 35+ years of age. Just browse through the FAQ and I am sure you will find something to your liking. If ya need help afterwards, just ask. We’re here to help!

Any training methods here. You have to be cautious and warm up more and probably take more rest, but just because you are “older” doesn’t mean you can’t train like the “younger” kids.

Finally! - you probably don’t realize but this is one of my favorite topics. Let me know how I can help, I have a few articles coming that deal with this but am always available to talk.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Naturally, this is a great site for the issues that you are concerned about.

There is another site that I highly recommend, Life Extension .com. They have the very latest research on aging and nutrition.

It’s not the age, it’s the mileage.

Harley (and Coach Davies) -

I definitely noticed a change between 32 and 35 with respect to my recovery (I wish I could be more exact pinpointing it, but it was something that I gradually realized). It used to be that I could do 4 days/week with no problem (all while working 80-100 hour weeks). By the time 35 hit, my ability to go hard 4 days per week was limited, so I began cutting back to 3 days. I am now thinking about upping to 4 days, but I am much smarter about the process. While I am not sure whether or not I will do a “Westside” type of routine, I definitely like the concept of a maximal effort day and a dynamic effort day.

Coach - any advice from you would be valued. Also, I am still trying to come back from my shoulder surgery (torn labrum repaired via arthoscopy on Aug 15), so any pearls of wisdom there would be great. Harley - thanks for bringing up the topic.

Just as a note, I don’t train any differently, but was wondering, should I?
And I am in the “up” part of "35 and up?
Thanks I will check out those articles.


Hey Maverick - I have a lot of ideas we can discuss. I will PM you to discuss the shoulder. Talk with you soon,

In faith,

Coach Davies

Maverick - “working 80 - 100 hours a week”? No wonder you had to cut back on your workouts!

Harley, (and this is in no way intended to dis Coach Davies!) I just completed Chad Waterbury’s ABBHP -which was awesome - and just now devised a routine that works muscle groups twice a week based on his recommendations, and I’m 44! And it’s not like I was in great shape when I started. Just warm up like you should, rarely train to failure, and ensure you don’t overtax your central nervous system.

Hell, I’m just parroting Chad. Read Chad’s articles in the Previous Issues or check out chadwaterbury.com and follow it!

And surprisingly enough, I think you’ll find that you can follow all of the programs here at T-Mag, and which ones you’ll find success with will depend upon your level of fitness at that particular point in time.

Don’t let age become a crutch.


Haven’t had to change my training. And I’m a little over a month away from turning 38.

As a matter of fact, I’m near to be in the best shape of my life. “Near” meaning, I’m currently working on improving my conditioning level. I expect to be in the best shape of my life at 38, btw. :-))

I too, Patricia consider myself to be in the best shape of my life.
Thanks for the pep talk!


Harley: At 36, the one thing that has helped me continue to make progress and limit injuries is to stop training to failure so often. I used to think if I wasn’t training balls to the wall every workout, I was a pussy. Now I still train heavy, but always leave a little gas in the tank. My bad shoulders have been better for it and I’ve made more strength gains due to it.

I’m 54,train 5 days a week(body part a day),go heavy to failure for two weeks then back off a little for 2 weeks, (Shug’s Growth surge project)Of course this is while cycling on and off Mag-10.
It works very well for me.

Thanks guys…
I was thinking of posting a thread for pics of these T-People over 35. I have to get some good ones of myself though. (this could take awhile)