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Point Me in the Right Direction


Would love some advice from the vets such as holymac, alpha, dave, evan, or even the people who mentored them. Bottom line, trying to learn from people who have been there, learned much from experience, and gotten big fast, but not fat. I realize muscle takes long as 180 lb contest shape, is something only a few can reach. With that said, I'm going back to basics, which is before I fucked around with upper/lower and full body.

If I'm honest with myself, my best strength gains and even size gains came from splits. I only switched to full body after listening to people who cared more about science than experience and all of them happen to be under 20 with pretty good size. But there's a reason why most of the physiques on here dwarf other forums. There was a period where I went from 75 lb in each hand db press for 10 rep to the same reps with 95 in 5 weeks. Hoping people can tell me if I'm going in the right direction and if not, please direct me to the right path.

All I care right now is I'm still 170 lb 10% bf and I want to get to 175 lb at the same bf. I also plan to stay natural, meaning no drugs that aren't allowed in natural organizations and nothing illegal. I'd say that's a pretty reachable goal considering most of you hit 200 lb within 2 years of training if you joined T-Nation at the same time. Shit, holymac is one big mofo after four years.

I plan to follow the advice from Thib's "How To Design a Damn Good program" and Bricknyce's "Bodybuilding Bible" probably doing 2 exercises per bodypart and 2 all out sets per exercise of 6-15 reps. If there are better ways to get as huge as possible with as little fat as possible, let me know.


Have you checked out "How the biggest became the biggest" ?



I did actually. That's how I came across bricknyce's bible. Just wondering if there was a shift in advice. Alpha's workouts are too damn complicated, carnage's pre-dc sounded good but I didn't know how many sets to actually do per workout. Waylander confirmed his training was exactly like the bible. I even read "dumb routine" and you could say I'm doing max-ot because my rep ranges rarely go above 6 but fuck it is tiring training like this all out.

I'm thinking of asking carnage if he thinks 2 exercises was more than enough or most workouts need to have more than 2 exercises per bodypart. I'm willing to do whatever it takes but when it comes to preference, I prefer to train as less as possible.


I noticed there were almost 120 views. All I need is a confirmation that I'm on the right track. If not, please tell what I'm doing wrong. Right now, since there's no answer I really don't know what to perceive.




Thanks, holymac. Might think about doing 360 except left and right are done together, and front and back are done together if that's alright.


so you're doing full body workouts 4 days/week? uhhh


... you can't be serious.


this made me laugh, but come on lol



I think you missed his joke.. think about it more


I just wouldn't know how to go about making the workout. I think holymac was seriously trying to help out as he did mention it would correct strength imbalances.


yeah but combining it makes no sense and defeats the entire purpose


For me to believe this is real I need to see a video log haha


If you can show me a sample workout, it would help me greatly. Or at least tell me how to set it up. I'm thinking it literally is 1 exercise per muscle 2 sets per exercise, using only dumbbells due to only left and right, and then only possibly barbell for front and back. Come to think of it, it really is just hitting the muscle twice per week, just left right corrects strength imbalances, like you said.


I think he was serious lol


I'm a big fan of splits, I think you can develop a very solid split using the two pieces you referenced, but it would be easier for us to help you if you posted a potential split and then let us critique/give recommendations.


Im surprised no one said 5/3/1 yet, usually when anyone asks for help its dropped like 50x. that is probably one of the greatest parts of 360 muscle


a video log? i don't do weird/strange/exotic exercises. the order throughout the week in which i do them is the only difference than traditional spilits.

not sure what purpose videos would serve



The front/back days you will use more barbells AND dumbells

The left/right days you will mostly use machines and cables, bit of dumbells too