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Poential Job in LA for Someone Who Digs Nutrition

Im just putting a feeler out since there are a ton of dudes on here (maybe ladies too) who know a ton about supplements, diet, and workouts, and most importantly are passionate about it. One of my doctors, super cool MD who is big into nutrition and supplements, integrative/holistic/functional medicine, and does HRT protocols, is looking for a good employee. The kicker might be most folks on here are not into admin type stuff, and the job requires someone to basically be the doctors main assistant handling paperwork, phones, office managment type stuff. However, that person is also going to be in charge of a developing supplement store ran next door to the office, and potentially in the future will also have nutritional IVs going on and other creative alternative health care stuff.

I know this is a long shot, but if someone in LA in the Woodland Hills area wants to be the right hand man or woman for a super down to earth cool MD who is sort of a “Dr House” using supplements/nutrition and HRT, send me a PM and Ill get you in touch with him. I think its going to be a full time job with salary.

Im not sure of requirements, but people he has been interviewing do have degrees, preferably in a related field to health/nutrition/exercise science although I do not think its a must. Also needs some sort of experience with admin which might be the killer. Looking for someone who is mature and with stable work experience.

Also for giggles if you feel like it, if you had a doctor like this and was open to carrying or trying out different supplements, what would you suggest to him? Hs is not your typical doc, no he isnt a BB, but he is way big into supplements and using them in medicinal manners which blows my mind…yet he can still talk shop about supplements in the typical sense that BB or athletes use them, although most of his clients are not.

For instance today he said he was open to suggestions on low carb or no carb protein powders, since many of those used by the companies that work with these kinds of doctors taste like a$$.

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Awesome BBB. You are the man