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Podium Gold


So Jon North was on here praising Podium Gold, and now I am obviously interested. Lots of guys on goheavy also praising it. A few questions for the forum, and possibly Jon himself.

1) Is the only reason to buy the pills convenience? It appears that if you go powder you get almost twice as much for the same price (270 total grams vs 150 total grams). Feel free to doublecheck that, I might be missing something.

2) Anyone else have any experience with it?

3) Anyone know why it is supposed to work? Out of curiosity.


Wow that's some expensive shit...


Here is the product description:

"Podium Gold (2-Methylguanidino Ethanoic 3-Aminopropanoic Acid), is a newly patented Explosive Strength Compound. Podium Gold increases Exercise Capacity and Power Output by increasing intracellular Carnosine levels in fast twitch (type II) fibers by up to 80%. This dramatic increase in intracellular Carnosine levels buffers increased metabolic acid (flux) which results in a delay in the onset of fatigue and a significant improvement in recovery times. Podium Gold is the result of a close collaboration of University Scientists and Olympic Athletes and is the first and only Hardcore Strength Supplement that proudly displays the logo and endorsement of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF)."

It works by increasing carnosine levels, which is what beta-alanine does. Beta-alanine is also in Surge Workout Fuel. I'm no chmeist, but I really don't see that this stuff works differently than Surge Workout Fuel combined with creatine.


I read Jon's praises of the stuff also so I looked into it. Once I saw the price I didn't even continue.(way to much for me) All I know is if Jon thinks it helps him recover from the crazy amount of work he does then there has to be something to it.


2-Methylguanidino Ethanoic 3-Aminopropanoic Acid is a salt complex of creatine and beta alanine based on the chemical name so it is neither really creatine or beta alanine. Since it has beta alanine, its buffered because beta alanine is a carnosine pre-cursor. The theory would be that the buffering would prevent the creatine from turning into (worthless) creatinine before it hits the muscle cells. And since it's a salt, again, theoretically, it would dissolve better and more of the ingredient would be in tact when it reaches the muscle cells. So in theory, this would be better than combining creatine and beta alanine in a mixture because a mixture does not have the properties of a salt.


So if anyone wants to try it, you can go to cathletics.com (Catalyst Athletics) website, they have a black friday deal going on right now, normally 45 for the powder, if you use the code blackfriday2010 you get 30% off that, so anyone concerned about the price can get a bit of a break on that today. I put an order in and I'll come back in like a month and let you guys know what I think in my best n=1 kind of way.


Can anyone here who doesn't train as much s Jon, say only training 3-4x a week report their findings?