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Podcasts You'd Recommend?


In an effort to lose the hate handles, I'm going to include 60 minutes of NEPA into my days in the form of walks in the evening / lunch time.

The problem is, I need something to listen too.

I could run through the music albums on my iPod, but I'd rather use this time to increase my knowledge in some area.

I've considered the Fitcast podcast, but sometimes I need a break from health and fitness related bits and pieces.

I'm also considering a learn Spanish podcast in preperation for my move to Mexico.

So, I'm interested in what, if any, podcasts you guys listen too on a regular or semi-regular basis and would recommend to others.


Adam Corolla's podcast is decent...he kind of gets a little preachy the longer you listen to it, but it's pretty entertaining.



shits n' giggles.


Free foreign language lessons: 37 different languages with downloads.


Great, thanks. I'll take a look at them later


The Fitcast is pretty good, too.