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Podcast Remarks

I wish you did a podcast once a month or so. Very articulate and energetic.

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Thanks for the kinds words. I’m doing one tomorrow with my good friend Mike Mahler too.

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Yeah the latest podcast CT sounded like a different person (or he was on EC/nootropics LOL)

Super confident, kinda preachy (in a good way), and showed some ego (plaster what i say next on the bodybuildng walls!)

All those speaking engagements you’ve been flying to has really taken your oratory to the next level (:

I took some notes actually, and wanted to ask you on some specific items you talked about…this the thread to do it?

Actually I’m always like that when I give seminars, always been.

Sure, ask away, no problem

Hey coach very interesting podcast, I was going to ask you about natural lifters method and then I found it today, excellent. Thanks for share it with us…so before any question I am going to star reading this…


This excerpt sums it up from CT’s article. And you I would recommend letting this sink in for everyone thats looking for answers being a natural trainee SOLELY LOOKING FOR SIZE GAINS.

“So the more often you train, the more your body stays in an anabolic state and the more muscle you’ll build. But don’t forget that frequency and volume are inversely related. Remember, you can’t do a high volume of work if you have a high frequency of training
when you’re natural”

I’ve mainly been natural trainee my whole life (20 years of lifting from a very young age). However, I’ve dabbled with performance enhancing drugs along the way, along with pretty average genetics, so I feel like I have a pretty good perspective. I’ve tried many different training programs and styles and I can tell with you about 100% certainty this is the truth. Its really not rocket science, but people over analyze training. Eat well, train with great frequency, lower volume per workout, and consistency is the holy grail for natural average trainees. I always recommend try taking the exact same overall volumne most people do in 4 day a week plan, and spread across 6 or maybe even 7 when you can, and you will be amazed by how much progress you make.

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where do we find the podcast?

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I really enjoyed it too. Great information presented in a straight forward way! I love how the principles apply universally, regardless of what you’re training for.

-A better body, with the same technique, will lift more weight. So pick the lifts that give you a better body!

-Poorly recruited muscles hold back Your lifts, so get better recruitment.

-Protein in the blood streams, before training, means more effective pumps.

-The either/or relationship between cortisol and test.

I can’t wait to learn more about loaded stretching (like pauses under tension at the end?) to get better recruitment and activation.

Do you feel these loaded stretches at the end of the set are more effective than techniques like pauses before or during each rep? Or slowing down the negatives on each rep?

cheers boss!!!

Could not help but chuckle to myself when CT talked about a high volume session that had power cleans followed by the deadlift and other ‘goodies’ all in the same session, and described it as the best way to fry your CNS if done on the regular… Because that was my first leg day of the week all spelt out on the podcast, haha! No wonder mental fatigue had been haunting me for days around that time.

I thought that workout I mentioned was a complex of:

  • Back squats with 365 on the bar + 100lbs of chains + 100lbs on weight releasers
  • Jump squats with 60kg
  • Depth jumps

Done for 10 sets


This was an example of an excessive workout… it left me unable to go down further than a quarter squat for 14 days and it took me 21 days to get back to my normal squatting strength.

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Just to be clear, CT doesnt have a podcast, we are talking about other peoples podcasts he has been on, right?

Yes that is correct. Important clarification

Thanks. I should recommend you to the guys over at Iron Radio, you would be a great fit on that show. I’m quite surprised you havent been on already honestly given the amount of T-Nation guys associated with the show.

I do turn down quite a few offers because of my schedule and because I’m a T-Nation guy first and don’t want to be too much all over the place